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What Can be True In A World Divided By Many Religions?

Humanity has seen great destruction at the hands of those with differing spiritual views across time and history. We’ve witnessed the terrors that one group of people have imposed upon another, time and time again, in the name of religion.

A few groups are tolerant of other religions, and notice elements of truth in all faiths, however they believe their belief is the “right” one. Exclusivist religious views, on the other hand, are perhaps the most influential in the issue of conflicts between groups of people because one group believes that every other group is wrong. The exclusivist idea is the most common in today’s largest religions.

Some religions include the idea that not only are others erroneous, but they are sinful, inferior, and deserve persecution and in some cases even death. They think other spiritual organizations will suffer some kind of consequence after death. Guys are considered better than women in some faiths. With some others, religion has been utilized to be able to justify slavery. Often, lgbt behaviors are generally considered sinful acts. This slaying of substantial groups of people young and old has even been justified in the name of religion.

I’m believing that there must be a healthier way to be able to coexist. I imagine a world in which a society is checkered with many beliefs, and that many dissimilar ideals will be together, for the benefit of the entire group. I hold that civil rights and liberty can be honored without the topic of faith even coming up once.

Is that probable? Could it be that cooperation amongst people of different religions isn’t so far off? I think a look into what it means to be human could be a great way to begin to build compassion amongst a population. Experiencing humanity human is, at the end of the day, the one element that unites us all. It’s likely that we are all inspired and propelled by a lot of the same fundamental principles. Usually, we as humans experience the same types of fears and conflicts over like things. I think that if we were able to view or understand this about ourselves, we could begin to see how alike we truly are. When we can get beyond seeing each other as mere objects, and rather as the living, breathing, feeling humans that we are – then we might stop punishing the other.

In a beautiful thought, Keith Raniere poses the thought that we as humans have the potential to be noble; whether we will or not is to be seen.

I recently found this quote and learned of an organization called NXIVM that is doing extraordinary things to build a more compassionate, joyful humanity. The goals of the company have gained the endorsement of the Dalai Lama, who traveled to Albany, NY to get to know the company and people.

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