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What Causes Loose Vagina?

Lack of arousal due to loose genital is one among the common problems found among old age women. Loose vagina, if left unconsidered can give rise to several relationship issues in marital life. This genital problem among women can be easily identified by doing finger test. A woman suffering from loose genital complaint won’t feel any pressure from inside genital walls. Child birth is a temporary cause leading way to loose vagina complaint. In case of child birth, vaginal walls become elastic in nature and return back to normal size. As per studies, loose genital in women is meant to occur during sexual stimulation. Apart from genital stimulation, episiotomy is another common cause reported for the formation of loose vagina problem. This is a surgical procedure done to get baby out from woman’s body during delivery. It is usually done when baby becomes stuck during child birth process.

At present, there are lots of remedial measures available to cure loose genital problem. Kegel exercises, else known as pelvic floor exercises is a best natural cure suggested by health practitioners. It is found to be very beneficial for treating loose vagina problem among women. Practicing kegel exercise help to attain better control over pelvic floor muscles involved in closing and opening of genital wall. In order to attain satisfactory result, it is recommended to repeat kegel exercise a few times per day. Regular doing of kegel exercise strengthen genital walls and improve sensation during relationship. It also deliver faster arousal and intensify orgasm. Frequent intercourse is one among the causes reported for the formation of loose vagina. It give rise to sagged genital problem inducing less satisfaction during relationship.

Apart from providing low sensation, persisting saggy genital can even lead way to psychological issues like loss of self-esteem. This low resistance of genital wall make itharder to achieve an orgasm.

Aging is found to be as an important cause of inducing loose genital problem among women. Genital walls spread apart to create a wonderful sensuous experience. This condition usually happens during the time of stimulation. Persisting loose genital problem make it difficult to achieve orgasm during relationship. Hormone level plays an important role in maintaining the health of reproductive organs. Hormonal imbalance, especially decrease in testosterone hormone is another main cause reported for loose vagina trouble. Patients can easily recover this hormonal imbalance problem by stimulating the production of testosterone hormone. Best tightening cream cure loose genital problem by improving the production of testosterone hormone.

Aabab tablet, made out of herbal genital wall tightening ingredients is a best cure prescribed for loose vagina complaints. Active ingredients present in this herbal product supply sufficient nutrients to genital walls and restore youth of body cells. Some among the key ingredients present in Aabab tablet include quercus infectoria and argilla vitriolutum. Aabab tablet reduce vaginal mucus and prevent the formation of leucorrhoea. It also restores pH level in genital wall layers and prevents the risk of bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Inserting Aabab tablet into genital region also cure uterine prolapse and prevent unpleasant vaginal odor. It increase sensitivity and intensify relationship with partner.

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