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What Do You Know About Site Surveying Jobs?

Site surveyors are qualified people who measure, calculate, design and plan different architectural projects and also they provide an accurate map of a specific area. He is using different tools in order make detailed measurements of a field. This can be useful in the case a new land has been discovered. In order to fully benefit from this area and design construction projects, a site surveying has to be conducted to gather information about the type of terrain, its shape and contour and other important details. In addition, a site surveyor can accurately measure depths of water and establish a shoreline.

Also, a site surveyor works together with architects and engineers in order to design and plan construction projects on different terrains and fields. For example, if a new construction needs to be placed on a particular area, a site surveyor will plan a map and measure the lengths of the site before proceeding with the construction. Sometimes, additional equipment is necessary in order to determine the exact location and measure specific points of an area. Usually, the site surveyor uses normal equipment while for other projects, such as determining the depth and topography of a river, satellite observations are required.

If someone s interested about the working conditions of a site surveyor, this job is pretty demanding physically. That is because a site surveyor needs to carry the equipment with him from place to place and this requires a lot of walking on different weather conditions. A site surveyor usually works about 40 hours a week but his assistance is needed more often during summer times because of the more pleasant weather. However, it is not an extremely tiring job and at the same time, you get the chance to admire beautiful landscapes while you are doing your job. Also, you can walk on yet unexplored terrains and discover new things and places.

There are a few types of surveys which can be conducted by a site surveyor. One of the simplest and most common types is land surveying, when property lines are measured and calculated in order to successfully transfer properties form one owner to another, ensuring that everyone knows exactly how much land he has.

Another type of surveying is engineering survey, when the surveyor takes accurate measurements and gathers detailed information about the type of terrain where a specific construction has to be placed. His help is important in this case because he can determine if the construction is sustained properly by the terrain and if it can resist for long periods of time. Information surveys are conducted when topographic details are required. Usually, the site surveyor will draw maps and charts of the fields researched.

As for the income, there are many factors that can seriously affect the salary of a land surveyor. More experience will bring him more cash, of course. However, an average land surveyor has a salary of at least $45,000 every year, rising up to more than $60,000 for experienced surveyors.

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