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What do you mean by Osteoarthritis ?

Osteoarthritis, as the name suggests, is the most common type of arthritis. It is a disorder associated with joints in human body. It is assumed that Osteoarthritis occurs as the result of aging of joints. All the Joint disorders are collectively called arthritis. A little knowledge about joints and their working can help understanding Osteoarthritis, its causes, diagnosis, symptoms and treatment. You can take the help of osteoarthritis video to go through the matter interactively. rn rn A joint in human body is a place where two bones are connected to each other in way with the possibility of movement and motion in specific directions. Actually it is the need of movement and motion of skeleton parts the joints are there for. There are also some joints that do not allow any movement for example. These are called fixed joints like joint in human skull. A bone, in a joint, is connected to other bone by a tough but flexible material made by tissues called cartilage. It acts as a lubricant and prevents bone rubbing. Osteoarthritis may occur due to any type of damage to cartilage and other joint parts. It mostly occurs in Knees, Hips, Hands and fingers, Spine, wrists and fingers. rn rn Causes of Osteoarthritis rn rn The following are the main reasons of occurring of Osteoarthritis: rn rn • Aging: Aging is the most common factor for Osteoarthritis. This is why it is mostly found in old people. Due to aging the cartilage stops making protein and loses its elasticity. Sometimes cartilage is totally lost and bones start to rub with each other. This causes chronic pains in the joints. rn rn • Injuries: Repeated injuries also contribute in developing of Osteoarthritis. Fractures and infections results in internal damage of tissues in joint like knees. This mostly happens with players of Basketball, Football and soccer player. These games take human body up to limits. rn rn • Overuse: Some people are in professions where a particular muscle or body joint face regular and heavy stress and stains. This damages the tissues and cartilage resulting in development of Osteoarthritis. A Jackhammer can easily develop Osteoarthritis in hands and elbows. Similarly a ballet dancer may develop osteoarthritis of the feet. rn rn • Lack of Activeness: One may wonder but it is true that inactivity of body is as harmful as overuse when talking about Osteoarthritis. Lack of body movement and physical exercise can weaken the muscles and decrease flexibility of joint. Such a weak joint more prone to injury and Osteoarthritis. rn rn • Overweight: An overweight person put more strain and stress on muscles and joints especially knees and hips. This leads to strain and injury. Overweight creates more problems with increasing age and make a person easy target. Some experts recommend weight loss programs. rn rn • Heredity: It is assumed that there are more chances of developing some types of arthritis if one of the parents possesses osteoarthritis than someone whose parents are not. rn rn As osteoarthritis is one of the most common and widespread diseases awareness is the first thing useful in the fight against osteoarthritis. Knowledge should be given to common people through different medium like using osteoarthritis videos and interactive presentations in seminars targeting huge audience.

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