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What Humans Think Of Technological Advancements

We’ve been seeing improvement in technology for years now. Several people may think that technology is more of a good than a bad thing or vice versa. An example of a type of community that keeps their use of technology is the Amish communities. There’s a general agreement that some people can use technology for negative purposes. We can blatantly see some of the effects that negative use of technology has had on our society. Are we only viewing technology in a negative point of view?

There’s a concept that technology should be used with an ethical code, which is something Keith Raniere, who founded the NXIVM enterprise, knows all about. In that scenario, I dream that if a person’s ethics match the technology being used, then technology can be the incredible thing that it is, free from fear of how it will be misused.

Technology makes our lives richer, fuller, and easier. How would you describe what technology means? It’s collective scientific findings of people, put to use in some kind or practical way. It can be a way of doing things, an invention or just something someone can use. Perhaps the best thing about technology is that it is a combined effort of ideas and innovations, one generation building upon the accomplishments of the one before. So how do humans view it in such a negative light?

Ethics play a vital role in the way someone will use technology. Technology is a science that can either be good or bad but it directly relies on who is controlling the reigns in the situation. Is it possible to match ethics and technology, like NXIVM suggests?

We should use ethics because they are the internal conscience that allows us to use things for good based on our positive thinking and troubleshooting. So, what can be done in a society in which people are using technology to hurt others, like we see today? Should technology be something that the world should get rid of? Is that really the reason of the problem or would people continue to find ways to hurt each other?

The only way that this universe can become a better place is by having a good attitude towards each other. People will hurt each other even if we have advanced forms of technology or not. People would have to learn to survive without technology and that would be the only consequence that would happen if it was destroyed. Social media would be limited without the use of technology.

NXIVM makes a good point in the fact that we should utilize both ethics and technology to make the universe a better place. Both of these things would only mean good things for the earth.

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