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What Is A Littmann Stethoscope? Hearing The Future Of Medicine

The leader in stethoscopes today answers the question “what is a Littmann stethoscope”. History began with German cardiologist, David Littmann, M. D., who was a Harvard Medical School professor. As a researcher, he developed the finest stethoscopes still produced today, renown for it’s excellence in acoustic performance. In it’s early beginnings, the leading line of stethoscopes sold two models, one for doctor’s and the nurse’s version.

The Harvard Medical School professor and researcher worked as a consultant in 1967, expanding the range of stethoscopes that continue to lead the market today. The top leading models are the Classic, the Master Classic, Cardiology and Master Cardiology stethoscopes. These stethoscopes remains at the top of the list in the UK and USA for incomparable excellence and sales among internists, nurses, medical students, pediatricians and cardiologists.

This innovative, diagnostic instrument has earned it’s fine reputation as the leader in stethoscopes with a product that provides years of superior performance and service, answering the question “what is a Littmann stethoscope”. The medical profession is a field where time is critical and the cost of an error incalculable. This line offers a wide variety of stethoscopes that deliver the finest, precision instruments and superior performance available today. All models meet strict medical auscultation requirements for all diagnostic specialists.

Classic stethoscopes produce high acoustic sensitivity performance. This instrument features two-sided chest pieces with non-chill rims and diaphragm for patient well-being and comfort. One side is equipped with a tunable diaphragm with a traditional bell function on the opposite side. Convenience is evident in design, with the ability to alternate between low and high-frequency sounds without turning the chest piece.

Master Class stethoscopes are a superior, portable, single-sided unit with excellent acoustic sensitivity in an award-winning design. It features a tunable diaphragm, allowing for low and high-frequency comparisons with patient-friendly, non-chill rim and diaphragm.

Cardiology stethoscopes serve listening for both low and high frequency sounds without turning the chest piece. The small side of the non-chill diaphragm serves pediatric and thin patients well. Precision instrumentation navigates around surgical dressings or bandages.

Master Cardiology stethoscopes are designed with a handcrafted, stainless steel chest piece that is single-sided for portability. A tunable diaphragm allows alternating between low and high-frequency auscultations simply with a pressure-change conveniently on the chest piece. Difficult sites or pediatric patients are easily accommodated with a special procedure adaptor.

Today, this line of precision stethoscopes offer multi-varied, diversified models for all medical professionals. Depending on the requirements of the medical specialty, the leader in stethoscope technology consistently meets the criteria that addresses medical diagnostic needs. Nurses, medical students and all medical specialties, including veterinarian practices, demand Littmann, the finest precision instrumentation available on the market.

Advancements in technology have produced electronic blue-tooth enabled stethoscopes with recorded playback for later study. As technology grows, so does Littmann stethoscope capabilities. When someone asks “What is a Littmann stethoscope”, it is fact that the entire medical community looks to this line of stethoscopes to consistently provide state-of-the-art medical instruments that are above and beyond the rest.

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