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What Is A Mystery Shopper?

Mystery shopping includes visiting a business site, buying goods or services, and then evaluating the service. Mystery shopping is a one of a kind opportunity for work at home moms.

Mystery shopping involves average customers telling companies how they are doing. The reason companies use mystery shoppers is to determine how well the employees are doing, how good their variety of products is, and what customers think of what they offer and more.

There are companies that hire people for mystery shopping at their stores, but usually mystery shopping is done through secret shopper companies. Mystery shopping involves going to all different types of businesses. You might be asked to drop by a local coffee shop to see what the staff is doing or sent out to a store in the mall to purchase something. The more mystery shopping jobs, the more opportunities you will have including rating restaurants and hotels.

As a secret shopper, you can get an opportunity to avail free goods and services and earn money as well. The payment methods for mystery shopping vary among different companies. Some pay a set amount for a job and some reimburse you for the purchase you make. Flat fee jobs are more profitable but amateurs must accept any jobs they are being offered. You may get paid monthly or twice a month but payment requires you to submit all the paperwork and any receipts you are asked to turn in. It is better if you can send this paperwork electronically.

The hard part of mystery shopping may be finding a trustworthy company to work with. Some of them ask you for money upfront, which means they are a scam. Mystery shopping is like all other home based businesses in that you never want to pay to work for any company.

You will have to pay for your purchases when you are mystery shopping but you are generally reimbursed for your expenses so don’t worry about that. In order for you to accurately review a business, you have to make a legitimate purchase from the company.

Mystery shopping is a good way to earn extra money but this job is not very stable. You cannot survive on your income from mystery shopping but you can bring in some extra money to save or spend any way you wish. You also get to try new goods and services while getting paid to do so. For WAHMs, mystery shopping can be a great job.

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