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What is a Nurse?

If you are someone who cares about people and wants to make a difference in their lives, then you may want to consider becoming a nurse. Nursing is the one profession that you will be able to help people and feel good about yourself after you are done. There is not better reward then being a nurse.

Once you have made the decision to become a nurse, you will have to go to nursing school. Most of the time, you will have to go to a registered nursing school for at least two years. It depends on what type of nurse you want to be. Sometimes you have to through a longer course to have more responsibilities and to be higher qualified.

Once you have your degree, you can then start the hunt for a job. It really depends on what type of nurse you want to be and where you want to work. Many different places are available, such as in the home, in the hospital, in schools, or in prisons, so you can choose to work where you want as a nurse.

If you like to be around children more than anything is, you can decide to become a pediatric nurse. This will leave you open for jobs at hospitals, doctor’s offices, and even at schools. If you would rather be around older people, you can work with a geriatric department. You can work anywhere from hospitals to nursing homes. You should really think about what type you want to be and where you want to work.

One of the benefits of working as a nurse is that you get to work almost any schedule that suits you best. You can work night shift or day shift. Many opportunities in the nursing field exist, and you can choose: where you work, and what hours of the day you get to work.

When you are a nurse, you usually get good pay and best of all benefits. Nursing is one of the professional jobs that usually come with medical and retirement benefits in most places where you can work. These are just a few of the benefits to working in the nursing field.

Helping people is something that almost everyone wants to do, and there is not better way to express that then by becoming a nurse. Put a lot of effort and a lot of determination into becoming the very best and you will succeed. You will see that in the end, all your hard work is rewarding.

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