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What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing involves writing content specific to the products and services you offer. For example, say your business has something to do with cars. “Cars” is a very competitive term and it will be very difficult to rank high in Google search for it. However, through the use of content marketing you can chip away at your competitors by saturating the internet with useful and relevant information that will help Google to see you as an authority on your topic. You’ll need to cover things like brands, used versus new cars, specific car features, parts, service, and on and on. All things related to cars is the type of content that you will have to permeate your website with. Only when all those things are covered will Google accept you as an authority on the topic and begin to rank you higher in organic search.

Content marketing allows you to publish content without expecting a sale from each person who visits your site. While you hope to make sales based on the information you provide, you don’t expect every single person who visits that page to buy something or enlist your services – that’s unrealistic. What you do hope to do is get more people to your site, which in turn will inevitably increase your sales. More exposure equals higher productivity for your business. So, if 20,000 people per month read your article on the different car makers, and only 50 of those turn into sales for you, that’s not a very high percentage, but it’s still 50 sales per month for your business based on that single article. Spread that out across the 30 or so blog posts and articles you’re publishing every month and you’ll really have something.

Another benefit to using content marketing as opposed to some other form of advertising is you have control over it. Take newspaper ads for example. You can’t control how many people see that. The number is capped at the paper’s circulation number. You may get a few more people out of those who share the paper and places like doctors’ offices who subscribe, but not enough to make that much of a difference. You can also only present one aspect of your business in a newspaper ad. Publishing content on the internet and implementing a content marketing campaign allows you to reach a much larger audience, as well as present multiple aspects of what your business has to offer each user that comes to your site.

You can also syndicate your content through multiple venues like social bookmarking sites as well as article hosting sites. That will help you to reach a much larger audience and also keep your content ranking high in a Google search index.

The important thing when considering content marketing is to saturate the market with quality, relevant content. Google can tell if you’ve copied the content from another source, or if your content was generated by software or some other medium, which will result in low rankings. It’s important to provide your users with original, relevant content to help maximize your site’s conversion rates. If your site is about cars, don’t talk about horses, unless you’re referring to how many horses (or horsepower) that car has. Keep it relevant in order to keep people clicking through your site.

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