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What Is Holistic Healing And Why Do I need It?

This is crossing over into territory that can make people with peculiar sensibilities become angry because this is the middle ground between the physical on one hand and the metaphysical on the other. It is combining them all and it is everything that is not connected to the analytical paradigm. Where in the whole is viewed as being greater than the sum of its parts.

In holistic thinking you see the full inner dependency of things. When the rappers on the street say that “everything is everything” they have no idea how profound that statement is because we are all connected in a spiritual sense, not a religious sense.
Everything on this planet is connected. Every time you draw down a species you hurt us all. When they harvest a rain forest to the point where they obliterate a species or plant that can be used as medicine, that action diminishes us all.

Holistic medicine is a system of health care that fosters a cooperative relationship between everything that is involved. You are talking about the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of somebody’s health. Because every last one of those things I mentioned impacts your health and with this stress driven society where the stresses aren’t official, it’s only built in there to keep you off balance. While you are off balance, you are destroying your health because you are trying to meet an artificial standard.

It is artificial for a purpose to keep you off balance. To keep you from being able to say”wait a minute, why are you doing this when we did this last year?” We don’t have to recreate something, just plug in the new figures. Well we have a new way for plugging in those figures.

So there are many alternative practices that pay attention to the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your health. Like, how you can change your physical condition through mental intervention or plant intervention, massage, using hypnosis, all of these various things fall under holistic healing.

Basically it means to make the person whole and it requires a lot of self-care. Darn it, it’s your life and that practitioner doesn’t live your life so there are certain things that you are given that cause lifestyle changes to correct the problem.

So in other words you get out of the back of the bus and kick that person out and start driving the bus. It is your life but we have this pill popping society that says don’t worry I’ll take care of everything for you. Society that condones that if you pop a pill everything will be good and no it isn’t. You still have the same root cause and the dis-easement is still happening.

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