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What is Kindle – What Is The Explanation about Kindle

What is Kindle – What Is The Explanation about Kindle

About a hundred years ago, Thomas Edison (The inventor of the light bulb) once said that one day there will be books that are not up to 1 inch thick and the book contains a wealth of information.
At that time many people wondered how there could be a book in less than an inch thick but contains lots of information, but after a hundred years old in 2007 that Amazon had made a statement Edison became apparent.
Amazon has created the Kindle. What is Kindle? Kindle is an ebook reader with a wireless network is a tool for reading electronic books are developed and created by Amazon. In addition to functioning as an ebook reader, Kindle can also be used to store the ebooks, files, play movies, online shopping, browsing and others.
Broadly similar to the function of Kindle tablet computer.

The device consists of Kindle E-Ink screen 7 “by running the Android operating system. If you hear the iPod as a revolution the way we listen to music, the Kindle is a revolution of how we read. With eReader created, you no longer need to carry heavy books when traveling. you simply download all the books that you like on your Kindle and open it any time you want to read it.
School students or students no longer need to carry a heavy backpack to school, just bring the Kindle weighs no more than 15 onz. Not practical enough. In addition to the Kindle, the authors or publishers of books and novels today can directly publish their work without having to go through the process of printing through the paper to be relatively inexpensive. It is also an impact on the environment, of course you all know that paper materials are of wood and wood is a tree. If you use a Kindle, then you use a bit of paper so ssemakin reduced to cut down trees and it makes the environment safe from the lack of trees. Indirectly you have participated in the movement of “Lets go Green”.
Kindle has really changed the way we read books, newspapers, magazines, novels and others. Kindle is thin and light, very practical to put in a pants pocket, or into a bag. When you hold one in hand, you’ll realize how wonderful this Kindle.

Amazon is the largest online book store chain in the world, with you deciding to have a Kindle, then you will be connected to the network and terlangkap largest bookstore in the world. You will be easier to get a book you like, and also will have access to digital libraries and the Kindle can choose books that you like. Kindle library has a collection of more than 300,000 titles of books there is also the leading newspapers and magazines.
You can download the books you want. Costs required to pay the ebook is only about 1/3 of the price of the physical book (free download fee).

Kindle was created with E-Ink screen technology with a technology which simulates the look of the paper. Kindle does not create glare and eye strain.
Kindle is equipped with the “Read To Me” is a feature that allows you to read by listening. A facility Danya Read To Me it keeps you can read while you’re jogging or while you’re cooking.
Kindle has a thumb control on each side of the device so you can flip through the pages quickly.

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