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What is The Best Exercise On Abs Available?

Are you trying to find the best abs exercise that will flatten your stomach and give you a nice set of six pack abs? Well, there is no. However, you can implement a combination of just one exercise with a nice solid diet plan that will make your abs visible.

You can have a strong set of six pack abs beneath your belly fat, but you have to do more than just exercising your abs if your goal is to get ripped. I will first explain the worst exercise ever and then the best exercise ever. Then, I will tell you four simple diet rules that are really easy to follow.

Worst Exercise On Abs (AB Machines)

The fact is that there is no Ab-machine available to human kind that is producing better results than the non-machine based type of abs exercises. Why is that? Have you ever seen a bodybuilder that is working his abs on Ab-machine? Of course not! I’m not saying that Ab-machine based exercises are useless, but there are inferior to the non-machine type.
Ab-machines focus on isolated groups of ab muscles. So why not train all the groups with just one efficient non-machine type of exercise?

Best Exercise On Abs (The Hang Crunch) – It Will Do All Essential Abdominal Groups Of Muscles

This is the major exercise that you’ll ever need. It’s very efficient and yet very simple. You only need a bar. To successfully complete a hang crunch, start out by hanging from the bar (shoulder-width apart). The goal is to lift your legs and touch the bar with your feet, or with your lower legs.

The important part is that your pelvis follows your legs. That means that you have to lift your pelvis as well. You should have your back rounded when you’re performing this type of lift. Having your back arched will only put emphasis on the hip flexors and that is not what we are targeting.
Doing just two sets of 10 reps will produce very good results. You could do this routine 2-3 times a week as you decide, but doing it more it’s not going to give you faster and better results. Don’t over-train them. Keep in mind, your muscles need enough rest to develop properly.

You just have to be persistent for about two months until you can see amazing results.

Diet Rules

Don’t count your calories, because there is much more that affects your body constitution than calories. I recommend few general rules that will make an impact and produce high-quality results. Of course, you’ll have to avoid certain type of food that contains fat and sugar but not always.

Just follow these few simple rules: 1) Eat everything you want in the mornings (fat, carb and protein). That means that you can eat chocolate, hamburgers, pies… 2) After breakfast, you should completely avoid fat and limit your carb intake trough the day. 3) Try to eat every 3-4 hours and every meal should contain a certain amount of protein (10-20g). 4) Don’t eat two hours before bedtime.

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