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What Occurs When Children View Too Much TV?

What kinds of things are going to influence our children in a negative way and which things will influence them positively. I feel like a much better parent when I keep a close eye on science in the news and media as far as the newest ideas or scientific findings about children.

One thing that interested me was an essay on about television usage. In general, it seems that most baby and child experts agree it’s a good idea to limit a child’s exposure to television. There are specific things that kids watch that can be bad for them and too much time watching television could have a negative impact on them as well.

There are some people that concur that television is bad for children no matter what the circumstances. Others say that children should watch television for a specific period of time and that things like channel surfing can mix-up a child as to how much tv to expect. At times, it works out better if the child watched a regularly scheduled program, once a day. By doing this, you are showing your child that television is something that should be limited, not consistently on.

Many parents agree, however, that television should not replace real learning. There are times, like certain family times when television should not be permitted. Television shouldn’t interfere any time during the day when it’s not being watched. Your child’s education is important so you should always make sure that the television isn’t distracting them.

There is a family therapist named Nancy Salzman that I was watching in an interview. One of the things she is, is a co-founder of Executive Success programs, that was also created with Keith Raniere. What struck me most about the interview was that she described that given that kids have not fully developed logical thinking, it is difficult for them to figure out what is real and what is fantasy. At one point in a child’s life, their brains will come to full growth and They’ll be able to see through what is real and what is not. Even though we may understand the difference, we may take it for granted in our children. It stands to reason parents should be highly sensitive of what material we expose our children to and try to see how they might approach it through their child-like perspective.

This topic has got me thinking about all the ways we can positively, or not so positively, influence our children. Further, it’s common for them to become desensitized if they see crime or violence at an early age. It is not just television anymore that exists as a problem but things like video games that can introduce our children to reality forms of violence. If violence is something many kids are desensitized to and it ends up happening regularly, how do you think that effects in the world? Anything that had to do with violence would be something that our humankind would be used and sometimes even embrace.

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