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What Sacramento Offers On Vacations

Sacramento is the capital of the state of California and enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate, making it an ideal location for a vacation. It is also the center of cultural and economic activity and is easily accessible. Sacramento has several nicknames and the most commonly used are Capital City, River City, The Big Tomato and the City of Trees. The locals refer to Sacramento as Sac, Sactown, or Sacto.

Sacramento has lots to offer when one is on vacation. The best time to visit the place is in summer, as it has a variety of activities and the climate is very pleasant. The discovery park is 275 acres of lush grasslands. It provides one with the opportunity to indulge in car or boat trailer activities, the archery range, horse trails and even concerts during the summer. If you are looking for a nice peaceful time, you could choose to picnic anywhere. It is also a great place for fishing as it is here where the American river flows into the Sacramento River, creating the perfect fishing zone.

The American River Park provides you with a 26-mile hiking and biking trail, where you can walk, jog or cycle as much as you want. Sacramento also has a number of local teams that are always fighting it out and you can catch one of their basketball or football games, if you are a sports enthusiast.

Another major attraction in Sacramento is river rafting. This is done under expert supervision and can be equally enjoyed by all family members. The river rafting is done on the American river. It is an all day event and takes about an hour or so, depending on the water flow. If you select one of the rafting companies then they take care of most of your needs like transportation or even making available your own raft! But, you have to bring along your own food, beverages, towels and other essentials. It is advisable to use sunscreen and sunglasses as well and ensure that you carry them with you at all times when rafting. This activity may not be very suitable for young children because of the risk of the raft tipping, although this is very unlikely. But when taking young kids make sure you use life jackets at all times.

Sacramento adventure sports activities mainly include the water activities as the American river and the Sacramento River provide many opportunities for the same. Fishing is a major sport here with a variety to choose from. There is the Sacramento River Salmon fishing, trout and steel head fishing.

Because of the viewable wildlife and open spaces, many schools and colleges conduct their sports tournaments at Sacramento. It is also a common destination for student tours, class trips and other field trips. It is full of natural wildlife and different animals can be spotted in the city. It gives students an extraordinary experience and helps them to connect with nature.

Sacramento is ideal for all types of people to vacation and offers everyone something. There are activities for the entire family, kids and teenagers and an ideal place for friends to meet and have a nice time.

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