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What To Do Should You Be Bitten By A Dog

Unfortunately, dog bites are a common injury, and many children and adults are attacked by dogs within this country each and every year. A dog bite can be deadly, specifically for smaller children. A dog bite survivor might be left with irreversible and disfiguring scars in addition to untold psychological trauma. If you have suffered a dog bite attack, you need to consult with a dog bite attorney at the earliest opportunity.

It is sometimes difficult to know if a dog will bite. Even dogs that appear docile and gentle have actually been known to attack. The laws governing dog bit injuries vary from state to state, but the majority of states recognize and hold liable the owners of dogs that bite after they attack someone. Numerous states have passed statutes regarding dog bites, and in most instances, the dog owner is held liable, even when the dog has not shown aggressiveness or has not bitten another person.

Steps To Consider If You’re Bitten

When you are bitten by a dog, you must:

• Be calm. Protect your face and head throughout the attack. Escape from the dog.

• Seek out medical care immediately. Even if you do not think that you’ve been seriously injured, dog bites are puncture wounds and they may get easily infected, which can make your situation worse. What is more, if a wound becomes infected, scarring will be increased. Your recovery will end up more difficult if you wait to get treatment.

• Try your very best to identify the dog. In case the dog has rabies, you will want to implement the appropriate medical vaccines immediately.

• Don’t sign any papers or make any recorded statements. Often, the dog owner, the property owner, or a representative of their insurance company will endeavour to obtain a statement from you, either written or recorded. They’re not wanting to help you, their intent is always to avoid any liability so they don’t need to pay for your any injuries, suffering, pain, or any other costs which you incur.

• Be certain to get legal representation. A dog bite attorney can assist you to get the compensation you are eligible for. You need to obtain representation even when the insurance provider representing the dog owner is trying to settle with you. Often the insurer will offer you a low-ball settlement so your matter can be closed. Insurers are notorious for talking dog bite victims into compromising for a figure that is only a small percentage of what is fairly due to them. Your attorney can help you to preserve evidence from your attack and negotiate with the other party’s insurance carrier. Moreover, your attorney can guide you to identify individuals that might be liable for your damages, and to take the steps that are necessary to allow you to get the compensation which you deserve for damages, medical bills, future health care, lost wages, pain and suffering, as well as other compensation that you may be entitled to.

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