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What To Do With Structured Settlement Cash

Some people look upon structured settlement cash as a windfall that is to be spent as quickly as the money rolls in. However, if you are smart, there are several other things you will choose to do with the funds as they arrive at your door. Here are a few suggestions of what to do when you are the recipient of a structured settlement.

One of the first things you need to learn to do with your settlement is not count it as free money. There is a very good chance you will need the funds in future, so learn how to budget each payment of the settlement you receive. Use a portion of it for any expenses that are needed to maintain a decent standard of health and living, but stick the rest back into some sort of interest bearing account. You may choose to go with something as basic as a savings account, or something a little more ambitious, such as an IRA or certificates of deposit.

Along with putting some money into savings, you may also want to use your structured settlement cash to either acquire a house or to pay down the outstanding balance on your current home. The idea, once again, is to invest in your well being in the future. Not only do you make sure you have a place to live for many years to come, you also create a tangible asset that can be liquidated and help to pay for long term care should you have to go to a rest home later in life.

While there is a temptation to see any funds that come from a settlement to be extra income, it is important that you budget your structured settlement cash with the same level of responsibility that you would your regular paycheck. By all means enjoy your assets, but do not allow the excesses of today blind you to the need to think about the future. Most of us would be grateful for an additional source of funds that could be routed into making sure we will be properly provided for in our later years. Your settlement supplies you with such a source, and thus provides you with a chance to prepare that many people will never have. Don’t let this golden opportunity pass you by, just so you can get some temporary pleasure on something you won’t remember ayear from now. By planning properly and saving or investing your settlement money, your later years will be much more comfortable.

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