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What To Look For In The Best LPN School

Any person who has decided to enroll in a nursing school and become an LPN has taken the first major step towards having a worthwhile and rewarding career. Aside from the financial stability and employment opportunities that it can offer, this career also gives its practitioners the chance to touch the lives of other people. One of the major duties LPNs provide is bedside care to patients.

Their duties also include measuring, recording, and monitoring of the patient’s vital signs, assisting doctors and registered nurses, preparing and administering medications, and performing some lab tests and collecting of samples. Finding an LPN school that can provide the best education and training is the best way to make sure that an individual is prepared to undertake this job.

As the demand for healthcare professionals is growing, so is the number of schools offering an LPN program. There are junior and career colleges, community colleges, and technical and vocational schools that offer LPN programs. Some liberal arts colleges and universities also offer them.

One important thing to remember when signing up for a program is that it is approved and accredited by the state’s Board of Nursing. This is because not all schools offering these courses are accredited by their particular state. This is especially true of some online schools. To be eligible for a licensure examination, an individual must ensure that he completes his LPN training from an accredited school. Another reason that makes school accreditation so important is that graduates of unaccredited schools often have difficulty continuing their education, because most colleges will not accept credits from any unaccredited school.

In general, it takes a year and a half to complete the program. However, there are programs that only take as short as 9 months. Before signing up for an LPN program, it is only wise to inquire about how often vital classes are offered. Enrolling in a program that only offers a class during a certain semester can delay a student’s ability to graduate. For this reason, students are often encouraged to enroll in larger programs as they usually have more available classes every term.

A school’s graduation rate also matters a lot. A school with at least 75% of their students completing the program within the right time frame is said to have a good performance. Having a higher graduation rate only proves that the LPN school has enough assistance for their education and training from their faculty.

After earning a degree or a certificate, a graduate still needs to pass the national N-CLEX-PN board examination. This examination plays a very important role in the qualification process. That’s why students must also probe into how much time a nursing school spends to prepare their students for the board exam. It would also be sensible to enroll in a school that displays a high rate of N-CLEX-PN passers.

Choosing the right school is essential in becoming an LPN. Before making that final decision, students are encouraged to do their research and ensure that they enroll in a school that will meet their qualifications and give them the best LPN education to fit their individual needs. A great LPN school is the key to having a successful career in nursing.

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