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What would life be without stress?

Seldom anybody has managed to escape the clutches of stress. Counting the number of stressed people around you might take ages and yet you may not finish counting. An easier number to count will be the number of people who are excellent managers of stress or are great at stress management. If there’s nothing you are stressed about, then probably the task of stress management may actually start stressing you. Everybody has different remedies or methods for stress management, some may work, some may not work and then there are some you might never even try. Somewhere, we’re all tired of stress and the million tips we’re given every day to manage stress. Ever imagined the world without stress? What would life be like without stress?

Picture this, your boss gives you an urgent assignment to complete and you’re unable to do it. But since you’re living all together in a third world where there is absolutely no place for stress, your boss does nothing in spite of your inability to complete the assignment. Nor do you feel those goose bumps, the cold sweaty hands, the panic attacks, worried was your boss may say to you.

Yes, sounds like a pretty pleasant environment. Not having to worry about the deadlines, no work pressure, absolutely no need and room to worry about emotional problems. On the plus side, the world will be at least 10 times healthier than what it is now. Yet, the non-existence of stress manages to give an equally eerie feeling. A world without deadlines, especially a world which is already quite lazy is worse than the thought of an apocalypse. Though there are chances of the world being a healthier place because of no stress, there’s an equal chance of the world being an unhealthy place because of all of all the sloth and laziness.

Here, we’re not trying to say that stress or deadlines are important or something that we love. Stress in the right amount is good for work. Sometimes, our work speed is accelerated when we’re asked to work under pressure. The only thing that has to be kept in mind is to not over stress ourselves or stress ourselves when it’s completely not required. Some of the people who can enjoy the liberty of not being stressed are probably kids. But even then, a little bit stress is a must for that sense of discipline and regularity.

We agree that stress is bad for health, the mind and the heart. But if you have the ability and the capacity to manage stress, it’s merely a piece of cake. The ability to manage stress cannot develop overnight but will develop only gradually with time. What it requires the most is ample rest but at the same time active behavior. Laziness has never helped anyone to meet deadlines, but at the same time letting your health get affected won’t be of much help either. What stress management needs an individual to possess are a calm mind and the ability to balance all the commitments without compromising on health.

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