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What You Need To Know About Psoriasis

Regardless of the season, people with psoriasis will always feel discomfort. This disease arises from a skin abnormality. Skin cell development becomes erratic, resulting in hardened lesions that look like red spots.

Factors That Lead to This Condition

There are some people who have these because of genetic predisposition. Abnormal skin cell development is hereditary. Lifestyle and nutrition may also play significant roles in the development of the disease. Allowing your skin to be unhealthy for too long may cause abnormal skin cell development. This disease is also known to be caused by stressful and unclean environments.

Symptoms and Severity

Mild psoriasis usually involves lesion localization on one spot. When a larger area is affected, then it can be classified as severe. Psoriasis spots are often seen in the scalp and nails because of the faster development of skin cells in these areas. The lesions cause itching, as well as reddening of the skin surrounding the psoriatic area.

Negative Effect on a Person’s Morale

If you have psoriasis, you may feel like you have something that people cannot understand. Plaques on hands and feet are extremely embarrassing, and plaques on the scalp can be mistaken as a severe case of dandruff.

Preventive Measures

Stress, in whatever form, should be avoided. In particular, situations that lead to improper sleeping habits and poor diet should be avoided. Supplements that provide nutrients for the skin should be taken regularly. Moisturize your skin daily, even when you don’t plan to go out.

Vitamin D from the sun is also good for the skin. If you have psoriasis, sunning yourself in the morning is a good idea.


Some lotions contain chamomile extract, which can help with alleviating the itch. Petroleum jelly may be a good substitute for more expensive lotions. Anything that can moisturize the skin is good for curing psoriasis.

Stronger medication for treating psoriasis should be discussed with a doctor. Creams containing corticosteroids may be some of the things that can help get rid of the lesions.

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