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When A ‘Mini’ Becomes A Suitable Alternative To All Out Cosmetic Surgery

One interesting fact about human nature is: even the prettiest of the girl has some complains about her looks which she would definitely like to correct if given chances. But every body can not fulfill their dreams about getting an all new look! Some times there are budget constraints, sometimes there are psychological factors preventing the candidate from going under knife, sometimes there may be lack of time for undergoing a complicated process. If you were imagining about the possibility of a cosmetic procedure sans these problems, well, you have been thinking in the right direction! You might have already encountered this words— “mini” and “micro” in the list of modern cosmetic surgery glossary. If any of these above mentioned problems happen to stop you from taking decision in favor of a cosmetic makeover, then a “mini” is precisely what that can solve your problem.

What is a mini plastic surgery?
The terms “mini” or “micro” are used in the world of plastic surgery to denote variety of meanings. Any of the plastic surgery never pretended to be inexpensive; but a mini cosmetic surgery is what makes purchase of improved appearance affordable for the greater section of the society. Not only they are less expensive, the micro or mini surgeries essentially involve less complicated, and less demanding procedures. They are meant to repair smaller imperfections with minimum possible incision. At the core, mini-cosmetic surgery can be regarded as a “touchup” procedure as compared to the traditional procedures of cosmetic surgery like that of facelift.

Let’s site some examples to give you hints about how a mini works. Let’s consider Michel’s case; she never actually liked the way her cheek bones turned out. She preferred a sharper feature. In traditional plastic surgery, the surgeon will advice you to go for cheekbone implants which involve an elaborate and expensive procedure. But a mini cosmetic procedure would achieve the same and even better result by removing some of the layers of fats from the middle of cheekbones through a tiny incision.

The same way, you can go for mini facelift that is performed by making smaller incisions and using tiny barb sutures in place of a large incision that requires heavier stitching.

Similarly, you can consider Micro Neck-lift, Micro-Lipo Procedure or Mini Tummy Tuck.

In addition of being far less costly, mini or micro procedures come with many more advantages such as reduced surgical time, less recovery time, and less pain. The greatest advantage of mini procedure is: it helps you to keep up with small changes at a time as and when the mark of ages resurfaces. As for instance, where the effects of a traditional facelift are expected to last for ten to fifteen years, the effects of a mini-facelift touchup lasts for about five years. After that you can go for another mini facelift to keep with the impact of age to maintain a consistent look. The mini procedures are particularly preferred when you want to deal with some minor aesthetic issues.

If you have just started to discover the footprints of age on your face, but not prepared to undergo traditional invasive plastic surgery, a mini cosmetic surgery can be the ideal solution for you. It is the people in their 30’s or 40’s who find this weekend approach of cosmetic surgery to be most convenient. Micro cosmetic surgeries produce best result in case of repairing minor sagging or drooping around the cheeks, jowls, and neck area.

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