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When to Consider Teeth Whitening

Sooner or later, most people that are in normal oral health will consider teeth whitening. The quest for a bright white smile is usually quite strong, and since teeth will naturally discolor as people age, it’s only natural to think of lightening them up a few shades. Many dentists perform teeth whitening right in their offices, and are more than happy to help you out in your quest for a whiter smile.

Over time, things like genetics, antibiotics, smoking, medications, coffee tea or wine can cause your teeth to discolor. Along with the darkening shade of your teeth, your self-esteem can take a hit as your desire to smile diminishes. Of course, not everyone should opt for whitening in the exact same situations, and in most cases it makes the most sense to ask dentists for their advice before you proceed.

If you’ve been thinking about teeth whitening, bring the topic up when you’re in for a regular dentist visit. Dentists and dental hygienists can offer you information and advice on whether or not it is something you should consider at that particular time. In almost every case, the desire for whiter teeth is due to social reasons and a more presentable smile.

Of course, it is possible for a patient to get carried away or feel their teeth are more discolored than they actually are. That is why getting the opinion of dentists or dental hygienists is a good idea. Having white teeth is a positive thing, but having teeth so white they seem to glow in the dark is not. Teeth that are too white don’t look any better than discolored teeth, which is why it’s best to proceed with caution when you’re thinking of teeth whitening.

When you’re talking over your options with your dentist, ask questions that will help guide you to an appropriate answer. Ask dentists what types of methods they do, what kind of results to expect and whether there are any risks involved. Ask who will be doing the procedure and what type of credentials they have. Ask if the work is guaranteed to be stain-free for a specified period of time, and whether you have any recourse if you’re unsatisfied with the results. The cost is also a major factor, as most insurance companies aren’t going to cover a cosmetic procedure.

Basically, if your teeth are visibly stained and that staining is affecting your self-confidence and you can afford the procedure, teeth whitening may be for you. Seek out dentists who will discuss the pros and cons of it, and not just push for you to get it done no matter what. You want to get your teeth whitened because it’s going to enhance your look and enhance your self-esteem, not just because it’s available to be done. Feel free to ask others who’ve had the procedure by your dentist, how it turned out. Sometimes, if you can see the actual results for yourself, it makes the decision that much easier.

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