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Who Else Wants To Know About Asthma Food Allergy?

There are findings that many asthmatics don’t consider food an asthma trigger, particularly in adults. Most of the studies connecting food and asthma are done with children, who it is understood may be food allergic.

So recently, food allergy is yet another factor that asthma patients should not miss from their endless list of allergens.

In the United States 3% of children and 1% of adults suffer from food allergy each year; out of these approximately 30,000 cases of food-induced anaphylaxis and about 150 people die.

How sensitve are you to food?

Food sensitization is mostly prevalent in city inhabitants who have asthma. Researchers found approximately 45% of the children who suffered of asthma and were in the study were sensitive to at least one food allergen and had a higher rate of hospitalization. These cases require more steroid medication to control the allergy attack.

Many food studies have found that certain foods do trigger allergy and subsequently an attack.

Food allergy is referred to adverse immunologic reaction to food. The primary target organs of food allergic reaction are the skin, gastrointestinal tract and the respiratory system.

Both acute reactions and chronic disease such as food allergy may occur due to food allergens. To diagnose food allergy requires a careful in depth search for possible causes. Once sure of the cause one can proceed to treatment or elimination of the foods.

Allergy and the respiratory tract.

Food induced asthma is an IgE-medicated diseases that may be caused by indigestion or from inhalation of vapors released during cooking or otherwise.

The prevalence of asthma allergy in the general population is insignificant however; research shows that approximately 5% of children with asthma who have been under study have shown signs of asthma allergy.

While food may not be a major allergen for asthma patients it is possible to trigger asthma attacks.

Asthma allergy is not something asthma patients should worry about at every step but at the same time do not strike it altogether of your list.

If you encounter discomfort with some foods that lead to an asthma attack, take immediate action of treating and/or removing those foods from your diet.

Some foods products to watch

There are eight food products that causes a major portion, over 90% of food allergies and they are, milk, eggs, peanuts, wheat, soy and tree nuts i.e. almonds, walnuts and pecans.

Keeping these products in mind it will help you observe any reaction occurred when or after consuming them.

As mentioned above food is not one of the main causes in an asthma attack however, prevention is better then a cure therefore, being careful will only help prevent an asthma attack in the future.

Although food allergies had been connected with respiratory symptoms in the past, this was first study to link them with changes in the air-passage ways through the lung-function.

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