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Who’s The Best Bass Fishing Guide To Hire?

If you have little or no experience fishing but would like to make a fishing trip to seek out the ever popular bass in your area, the first step you should take is to look at the various bass fishing guides available in your area. What should you look for in a guide, and what do most of them offer as part of their package?

All fishing guides should be experts in two areas: the waters in which they plan to take you for your fishing excursion and the type of fish that you will be targeting. Beyond this, you may find several variations in how fishing guides operate, but these are the immediate standards you should set. The rest depends on your own expectations of the journey, as well as how much money you are willing to shell out for your experience.

Some guides offer different services, ranging from a half day to a full day trip out on the lake. You can find them with all different sized boats, with some catering to a small group of friends and others able to take out larger parties. In some instances, you and your friends may be divided into several smaller boats for the trip. Determine first the number of people who will be going and then how long you want to be out so that you can find a guide who can meet your needs.

Next, you’ll want to question fishing guides on your list about the availability of a service to clean and filet the bass you catch prior to taking them home. While some in the party may be willing to do this themselves, the majority of people who hire bass fishing guides don’t have a clue how to clean a fish and don’t necessarily care to learn. Many guides will offer these services for an additional fee, and depending on how many in the party opt for the service, that fee may be discounted for volume.

Especially if you plan a full day excursion, ask about provisions for lunch. Some bass fishing guides can provide a box lunch or similar for an additional fee, and some even include it in their charges. However, under most circumstances, you will need to provide your own food and drink for the ride. Ask ahead of time about the allowance of alcohol on the lake and in the boat; beer can be a great addition to a fishing trip, but there may be specific laws to keep in mind before you load your cooler and drag it along.

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