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Why a Colon Cleanse May Help You

As we sow, so we reap; thus goes an old adage. A proper colon health is very much a function of our eating habit apart from a few other aspects. The normal problems leading to colon cleanse are directly related to our typical diet, in America, which comprises of processed foods that are low in fiber content with preservatives, flour and sugar in addition to saturated fats.

So, What Do They Mean By Colon Cleanse And Why Is It Required?
In simple terms, colon cleansing is cleaning of colon, when you have a problem, by one or the other medically proven methods. At this stage, it is important to understand, albeit briefly, about colon and its problems.

Colon is a part of the large intestine between the cecum and the rectum; it extracts moisture from food residues before they are excreted. And cecum is the cavity where the large intestine just begins.

The food we eat passes through the digestive system before it collects overnight at colon. The sequential contraction and squeezing action of the intestinal muscles pushes the food through and finally into colon. Colon extracts and absorbs water and vital nutrient fluids before the fecal remains are eliminated out of the body.

But the problem is, when our meal lacks sufficient fibers and fluids, movement of foods and fecal material through intestines and colon becomes difficult due to its inherent hardness. The fecal material gets impacted as long as it is not excreted in order that it makes space for more.

Secondly, not all the wastes will easily move through intestine and colon when fluid and fiber contents are lacking, thus sticking to the side walls and further restricting the passage. The major effect of this is reduced fluid absorption. This condition is what is generally referred to as constipation.

Colon cleanse, in its generic meaning is nothing but enema, which is injecting of water or liquid through anus to stimulate evacuation. However, there are five different methods for colon cleansing.

1. Oxy-based Cleansers
2. Colonic irrigation or hydrotherapy
3. Herbal supplements
4. Use of Laxatives
5. Enema

You can hardly differentiate between enema and colon hydrotherapy where filtered warm water is injected into the colon when bowel movement melts and removes clinging impacted material. However, doctors warn this type of colon cleansing as enema or colon irrigation is rather used as preparation for surgery or medical examination. But herbal laxatives like Psyllium husk have proven to have no side effects as they contain high fiber and mucilage and swell on soaking.

Your concerns of wellbeing are misused by quacks by falsified statistics and testimonials. US FDA has issued several public cautions and warned specific marketers in this regard. Remember, when colon cleanse is an absolute must, your doctor never hesitates to advise you.

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