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Why Choose Laser Acne Treatment?

Acne is a skin disease caused by inflammation of pores due to bacteria from dead skin cells, skin debris and particles. It affects around 80% of the American population and usually occurs during teenage years and sometimes in adult years starting from the age of 18 – 24.

There are many different treatments available on the market but the one type of treatment that we are going to concentrate on is called Laser Acne Treatment. This is a method to get rid of and treat Acne and was developed to aid in permanently reducing acne and resurfacing / fading acne scars for serious conditions by reducing bacteria and healing affected skin.

Laser acne treatments involve the use of a laser to penetrate and remove acne affected skin so that new skin can form in its place. The procedure can last a few minutes for small areas and up to an hour for larger areas.

Sometimes, repeat laser acne treatments may be needed before you get the results that you want. However you should start seeing some kind of results after your first session. Results will vary from person to person because acne affects different people in different ways, but there should be a noticeable change after one treatment.

Compared to other treatments, Laser Acne Treatment is quick and safe and does not involve the need to take any medication or deal with messy facial creams or gels which is why it is popular among teenagers and adults. The only downside is that it is probably the most expensive acne treatment. Prices range from fifty dollars to over three thousand dollars depending on the type of laser acne treatment you choose. You may also experience some temporary swelling and redness on the treated areas for a few days.

Before considering this type of treatment, you should always ask your dermatologist or local doctor for advice on whether it is suitable for you. They will inform you of any risks involved and estimate the results that you will get from the treatment. You could also ask them to recommend a reliable and reputable laser acne surgeon.

A lot of people suffer from acne and it often affects their confidence, especially among teenagers. If you suffer from serious acne conditions, the first step in taking control would be to ask your dermatologist and they will help you in your decision and take you through the procedure.

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