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Why Do I Need Wedding Insurance?

It is no secret that the cost of holding a wedding continues to increase each year. With the costs for weddings now reaching into the tens of thousands of dollars, it is no wonder that the concept of wedding insurance has come about. But do you really need to have this type of insurance? Actually, it can be a very smart purchase. Here are some examples of when having insurance for your wedding can make a big difference.

There seems to be a train of thought that believes inclement weather automatically means you can reschedule use of facilities at no cost. That is very rarely the case. Many contract allowing you the use of reception halls, country clubs, and other facilities stipulate that the owner is not responsible for weather preventing the event from being held. That means you can be out every penny that you spent paying for the use of the space. Insurance would allow you to recoup those expenses.

While it would be great if all vendors lived up to their promises, the fact is many a wedding has been marred by the failure of a florist to come through with the flowers or the dresses for the bridesmaids not showing up in time. Wedding insurance can allow you to recover the costs of those services that you paid for but were never provided.

There have been instances when a wedding had to be postponed because of sudden illness of a bride or groom, or one of the primary parties being stranded with no way to get to the wedding. Once again, insurance can help offset some of the expenses involved with rescheduling an event at the last minute, instead of the wedding costs suddenly doubling or worse.

Given that we are used to obtaining insurance for most major purchases we make, it only seems prudent to insure an event that may cost us more than some people earn in a year. Along with the cost, there is also the factor of just feeling like everything will work out if there is some snag that comes to pass. So why not spend a little money and have that peace of mind? With the purchase of wedding insurance, you have the peace of mind that is something major goes wrong with the event, you will not be left holding the financial bag. That one fact alone will have the day all the more special for you.

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