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Why Do You Need East Bay Surgery

Congenital anomalies are among the most popular cases that need reconstructive or east bay surgery completed by specialist pediatric surgeons. Essentially the most typical cases of congenital problems include positional plagiocephaly, syndactyly or polydactyly, craniosynostosis and cleft lip.

Physicians executing east bay pediatric surgery are much better than other physicians when dealing with these cases since they have a much greater understanding of various body parts. Doctors practicing these surgeries has to be proficient in dealing with the skin and muscles of a growing child, a thing that is not given attention when dealing with adult patients. Immediate management should be given by pediatric surgeons to young patients suffering from congenital deformities.

Cleft lip is regarded as the prevalent congenital deformity observed among children and this takes place when the tissues in the upper lip and jaw have joined with each other during fetal development. Cleft lip does not move forward into serious illnesses although some patients may be difficult to feed. The hardest thing that you may encounter with these patients is if it occurs in conjunction with a cleft palate. Elective procedure should be used for patients who have both cleft lip and cleft palate according to several insurance firms. Patients suffering from a cleft palate will often have speech disorder, nutritional deficiencies, and other health-associated issues and can be remedied by requiring reconstructive surgeries.

Polydactyly and syndactyly are just few of the most common deformities involving the extremities. Syndactyly would mean that the fingers and toes fail to separate into digits during fetal development. Additional digits spotted on the child upon birth indicate polydactyly. While the former is surely desires medical attention so that the child can live a normal life, the second may be taken as cosmetic if the patient are able to use his or her extremities well and also the abnormality is not supposed to create other health related conditions like infections or diminished circulation.

Positional plagiocephaly is currently being treated by pediatric plastic surgeons. Even though babies are encouraged to sleep on their backs to lessen the number of deaths due to SIDS, destruction in proper fusing can still happen, an ailment termed as craniosynostosis. Plastic surgeons should complete surgeries or “helmet therapy” to cure this condition. Make certain that congenital deformities are addressed only by the experts like people who normally perform east bay pediatric surgery.

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