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Why Do You Suffer From Fatigue?

Are you dragging yourself through another day, frustrated with your lack of energy and distracted by your need for rest? Do you wake up after a nights sleep and still feel it’s not enough to get you through? Is fatigue affecting your work, your relationships and your enjoyment in life?

Fatigue is a common problem and the reason behind it can be simple to treat or require more intense scrutiny. Review the following common causes of fatigue which may shed light on why YOU are suffering.


Most adults need eight full hours of sleep every night in order for their bodies to get the rest they need to repair and re-energize. If you are not getting the full amount of sleep required your body will start demanding it of you.

If you cannot waken without an alarm or find yourself drifting into sleep during the day you should take immediate steps to provide your body with the sleep it requires.

Other problems such as snoring or sleep apnea (brief episode of stopped breathing) can also affect the quality of sleep. Any disturbance, including feeding infants or other sleep disruptions, can cause fatigue.


Fast foods and skipped meals will deplete the body of needed nutrients. A lack of nutrients can cause fatigue. Taking a multi-vitamin supplement can ensure that you are getting the needed nutrients for your body to function properly. A balanced diet will further assist you in combating fatigue.


If continued fatigue is not corrected with enough sleep or taking proper nutrients it may be connected to a hormone imbalance.

Detecting a hormonal imbalance will be more difficult to diagnose than a lack of sleep or proper nutrients. The assistance of a knowledgeable health care professional familiar with the symptoms of hormone imbalance may be necessary in tracking down the hormone responsible.


Fighting illness takes energy. If a person has a lowered immunity the constant battle against infection can easily lead to an increased level of fatigue.


Iron deficiency can lead to anemia which causes fatigue. Even a mild iron deficiency, which can be missed in typical bloodwork results, can still cause a person to experience fatigue.

Iron overload is a condition that is caused when a persons organs absorb and accumulate iron which can reach toxic levels – a symptom of which can be fatigue. Special tests can be made to diagnose low or high iron levels which must be followed up with proper treatment.


Working too much or other emotionally draining activities can result in physical fatigue. Taking the time to participate in activities which stimulate and strengthen the body and mind are an essential step to conquering fatigue.

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