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Why Flagler County Florida Was The Nation’s Fastest Growing

Florida’s Flagler County has been ranked the fastest growing county in the United States with its exceptional population growth between 2000 and 2005, and with good reason. Created in 1917 and named for the famous railroad architect Henry Morrison Flagler, the county was largely overlooked during the early rush to develop and populate the Florida coastline and has remained a utopia of lazy creeks, lush forests and salt marshes to this day. Highly touted for its attraction to both tourists and residents, the extreme growth in the past five years has raised the county’s population to just over 80,000 people; no more then would reside in a small city.

With its entire eastern border made up by the Atlantic Ocean, Flagler County Florida boasts some of the most beautiful seaside scenery found anywhere in the world. With cozy beach communities such as Flagler Beach and Marineland and the larger metropolitan area of Palm Coast, the county offers a wide array of living situations all within minutes of the scenic coastline.

The city of Palm Coast, with a population of just under 70,000 people, makes up the bulk of the county’s population. Set in the midst of lush forest and natural canals, Florida’s city of nature presents to its visitors and residents all of the amenities of a large city while maintaining the secluded and unique feel that come standard with time spent in northern Florida. Incorporated in 1999, the city’s recent inception has allowed it to maintain a graceful balance of urban delight and natural beauty.

The seat of Flagler County Florida is the tiny city of Bunnell, a sleepy haven of only 1,500 people. Incorporated in 1913, Bunnell is the oldest city in the county and its fairs and famous annual rodeo strive to present the city’s history in a fun and educational manner. The Flagler Auditorium plays host to Broadway plays and world renowned orchestras, offering residents and visitors access to activities and adventures from one end of the spectrum to the other.

The small waterfront community of Flagler Beach is a draw for water sports enthusiasts, boasting the third largest ocean break in the entire state of Florida. Two state parks lie within town limits; Bulow Plantation Ruins State Park offers visitors a relaxing nature walk and access to the remains of one of the oldest sugar mills in the country while the Gamble Rogers State Park is known for its nearly unlimited access to nature. The sea turtles come here to lay their eggs throughout the summer months and countless species of songbirds travel along the coast as they migrate in the fall.

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