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Why Group Personal Training will Make you Fitter

Personal Training is often just that, personal. A sort of private journey through whatever goal or challenge someone has set themselves. Along the way there are often tears, jubilation, injury and triumph but often that journey fizzles out or ends. A good personal trainer will or should, always enhance your health and well being because humans are inherently lazy.

Of course we are, why go out and make yourself hurt when you can sit at home and eat a Pie? And that of course is where the problem lies. We are too smart for our own good, and we have evolved so far now that we don’t need to plough the fields and hunt and gather and do lots and lots of manual work to make our worlds go round. Sadly though our bodies haven’t been so quick on the uptake and it is still laying down fat saving up for the rainy day that will never come in a modern lifestyle.

So a personal trainer exists to have knowledge about you, how your body works and most of all keep you motivated. Whether you do something each week to please yourself, to please your Personal Trainer or just because you are paying it doesn’t matter. The point is you did something, you got up from behind your desk, put your trainers on and went out and ploughed your personal furrow.

But lets face it paying a Personal Trainer 40 quid twice a week is not sustainable for lots of people. The kids, the mortgage, the new car etc etc all add up and as you are essentially paying for the pleasure of sweating your cute backside off your personal trainer is often the first one to take a hike.

This is where Group Personal Training comes in. Train with a group of 3-6 people, it lowers the cost significantly and it isn’t the hideousness of a class with lycra clad bimbos. Nor is it the ridiculousness of bootcamps run by shouting muscular types who really should have just joined the army and got it over with. Importantly there are few enough people in the room for you to have a name and for the exercise program to be tailored to you. Its also a lot of fun and very motivating, coming along each week to see your mates, the ones you have a natural alliance with due to the pain you have endured together added to the fun element of working out with others makes a massive difference. And so it takes Personal Training away from that personal journey to a specific goal that justifys all this extra effort and expense to a regular sustainable enjoyable part of your life. So that is why we at Brightonfit run daily group sessions with a qualified personal trainer who will take a really strong interest in you and tailor each session towards your needs.

Kirstin Ahmed is a qualified and experienced Personal Trainer. You can book one to one or group personal training at Personal Trainer or Brighton Personal Trainer

Written by Kirstin Ahmed

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