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Why Is It That Obesity In America Is Still Such a Problem?

Probably the most worrying issues in present years is the rapid increase of obesity in America and other parts of the globe. There seem to be some clear factors for this happening so here we will go over some of the primary ones.

A Lack of good diet from an Early Age

It seems that young people are becoming affected by obesity even in a early time in there life. These days there is really no excuse for not being aware of a few of the normal junk food facts and knowing what is and isn’t good for us. In fact, there have been a number of highly celebrated food films and documentaries which have clearly shown us the devastating effect of a fast food heavy diet. Despite this, there still seems to be a reluctance to move away from unhealthy eating habits. The sales of fast food has grown in some places and there defiantly seems to be no sign of an end to this way of eating.

Lack of Exercise and Lots of Car Trips

Walking is such a simple and pleasurable activity and yet so many people seem to have turned against it. The rise in the ownership of cars over the world has certainly had an effect on the worldís weight issue and it’s clear that numerous of us life a more sedentary life than our ancestors. Office jobs, improved home technology and those vehicles mean than many, numerous individuals can pass an entire week with out walking any significant distance or doing any other sort of beneficial exercise. Strangely enough, there is a bigger market then ever before for exercise plans, just as there is for weak diets and food supplements Yet the issue seems to be becoming ever greater as a great deal more individuals are drawn into a life of not much physical activity.

Poor Role Models and Low Self Esteem

This final point is one which is perhaps a little more debatable. There’s a school of thought which says that the current role models do not encourage us to live a healthy lifestyle. Stick thin models and pumped up wrestling stars show us the extremes to which the human body can go. Maybe more convenient stars with typical eating habits could assist us. The constant television images of super rich stars with perfect bodies is also believed to have a negative effect of numerous viewers, and this is one of the many factors can lead them into a circle of comfort eating and obesity from which it’s difficult to find an exit.

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