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Why It Makes Sense To Make A Will

If the idea of will writing leaves you completely in the cold, there is a whole raft of reasons to reconsider and give it more than a passing second thought. Contemplation of your own mortality might not be the most pleasant thing in the world, but try to bear in mind that there is nothing maudlin or morbid about wills.

Think of them as safety nets or insurance policies, not only for yourself, but for the loved ones who will be left behind to deal with the aftermath of your death. Your decision to err on the side of common sense and make a will is your means of leaving clear and legally binding guidelines appertaining to the distribution of your assets after your death.

It is a somewhat sweeping but fairly accurate generalization that very few people actually want their assets to pass on to the state after their deaths. This is what sometimes happens to the assets of those who do not take the precautionary measures that wills provide.

You might think that there is no chance of this happening in your case, particularly if you have spouses, children, parents, siblings or other close relatives. It probably would not, although you still need to consider that the ‘pecking order’ for the inheritance of your assets might not be what you automatically take for granted if you fail to make a will before you die.

By neglecting to forge ahead with will writing, you tread the risky path of leaving your nearest and dearest with a whole lot of worries, and potentially even animosity, after your death. You might cost them financially, too, besides emotionally, if you do not make a will. They will be obliged to pay for your funeral expenses whilst your assets are being sorted out if you have not left specific instructions and provisions.

Furthermore, will writing is not only about what will happen to your money. It is also about what will happen to the people you love most. When you make a will, you can appoint legal guardians for your children. It is wise to do so, particularly if you have young dependents. As in the case of your assets, the law does not necessarily work in the clear cut ways you might expect. If you do not make a will, your family and your finances might be dealt with as the authorities see fit. This may not be how you would see fit.

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