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Why Miniature Roses Are Becoming More Popular Than Ever

Miniature roses have become even more popular in recent years due to their hardiness and versatility. They come in many different varieties and can be grown as a bush, a hedge, or even on fences and decorative frames with the climbing varieties. Miniature roses are a great way to get started raising roses since they are much easier to raise than regular roses which will give you practice and more self confidence to expand to other types of roses.

Miniature roses are very tolerant to diverse weather conditions and growing environments. Out of the 11 zones in the USDA Climate Zone Map miniature roses do not need winter protection in zones six through ten. In most cases you will be able to just plant them and they will do fine through the winter. Even in more northerly zones such as zone 4 and 5 you can have miniature roses that will make it through the winter by applying a quality mulch that will give them some protection. When you consider this it becomes obvious that one can raise this variety of rose in almost any climate.

The incredible versatility of miniature roses makes them suitable for many different uses in the garden and around the home. They can be sued for edging and hedges or just natural where you just let them run wild. They go especially well in a Japanese garden when pruned to fit in with the rest of the garden. The variety known as micro minis are often used as ground cover when pruned to a height of five inches. Another bonus with miniature roses is that they bloom constantly from Spring through Fall so that they look beautiful during the entire growing season. Miniature roses are also found in as many colors as regular sized roses.

Miniature roses are very similar to regular size roses in their need for water and sunlight and even though some varieties are okay in the shade most of them need at least a few hours of sunlight. To determine whether yours are getting enough sunlight all you have to do is study the leaves. If they aren’t getting enough sunlight their leaves will be spread apart on the stems where if they were healthy the leaves would be close together.

If you are getting into roses for the aroma they give off you will be disappointed in the miniatures since they give off hardly any fragrance. They are very attractive but they were not created for fragrance. This is one reason why they go so well in a garden with other plants that do give off a lot of smell because you don’t have a lot of competing aromas. Still, you will enjoy the ease with which these little flowers can be raised and how often they bloom.

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