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Why People Love Riding Old Fashioned Bicycles

I think that the answer to the above question is quite logical. Vintage or old fashioned bikes were built for comfort and not for speed. Not everyone cycles to race, as it is popular to believe nowadays. Why can’t people just ride for pleasure like they used to a couple of decades ago?

Nowadays when you see adult cyclists, they are normally decked out in high fashion spandex or lycra, colorful helmets and special cycling shoes. Racing cyclists bodies are normally toned to perfection, no wonder with all the training they put in.

Believe it or not, you can still cycle for pleasure like yesteryear. Some of us don’t enjoy riding on thin seats that make your butts ache, hunched up over strange handle bars looking straight ahead and pedaling for all your are worth. If this sounds like you, go out and find yourself a vintage bike and learn to ride upright again on a comfortable seat at a leisurely pace while enjoying the beautiful scenery around you. In this way you can still get your exercise, but at a more enjoyable pace.

By riding on a vintage bicycle, you will also enjoy riding in clothes of your choosing, and getting away with it too. Because vintage bikes all came standard with chain guards, you can even ride in long pants without having to worry about them getting caught in the chains. If you ride a vintage bike in street clothes, you won’t get any strange looks. Not so if you ride a modern racing bicycle in street clothes.

The other thing that vintage bikes had which we don’t see much of today are mudguards. Whatever happened to this nifty invention? When you ride a vintage bike you can go through as many puddles as you like and you won’t get wet. Quite the opposite with modern bicycles.

The best thing that I enjoy about riding an old fashioned bike is the springy and comfortable saddle. This is far more preferable to sitting on what feels like a thin hard rod. You also get to sit upright, which enables you to get a far better view of all that is around you.

Yes, leisure cycling is all about riding a vintage bike. Why don’t they make bikes like that to often anymore? It is not about how fast you can get there, but about the small pleasures that you can grasp along the way.

Vintage bikes are very popular nowadays. Old fashioned bikes are far more comfortable and long lasting than their counterparts today. Visit for more on these wonderful bicycles.

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