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Why Self-pleasuring Can Improve Any Man’s Intimate Life

There are hundreds of thousands of books that are designed to help a guy perform a little better between the sheets. But if spending time snuggled up with a paperback or digital reader isn’t a guy’s idea of a whopping good time, there are other options available that could be considered a lot more pleasant. In fact, adding regular self-pleasuring to a guy’s male organ care regimen could result in a number of performance-enhancing benefits. Here are five good reasons to make the switch from research to pumping.

1. It Makes Mapping the Body Easier.
Spontaneous play can be fun, but the action moves faster when guys know what they want and where they want it. Those who get off on a regular basis are experts, in terms of the touches that thrill them to the core, and they’re able to express their desires clearly. When men self-pleasure, they’re much more in tune with the moves that can make an episode more enjoyable for everyone involved.

2. It Keeps Tissues Stretched to the Max.
All of the work a partner is willing to put in will go to waste if there’s no wood involved. While healthy tumescence depends on a healthy heart and open blood vessels, the skin of the tool must also be elastic, so it can stretch and grow as the pleasure mounts. With regular use, the male organ can be springy enough to accommodate a river of blood, but with only infrequent hardness, the “use-it-or-lose-it” rule applies, and the firm manhood can be much less impressive.

3. It Strengthens Key Muscles.
Just as stretchy skin is a vital part of a healthy woody, strong muscles are required in order to do the pumping and pushing that’s involved in a standard intimate act. Many of those muscles line the bottom of a man’s abdomen, and they get a huge workout during a successful self-pleasuring session. Incorporating a few of these sessions into a weekly routine could keep those muscles primed for action.

4. It Gives a Guy Control When it Counts.
While some guys can reach the peak of the pleasure mountaintop in minutes, their partners might still be struggling to get there. Beating a partner to release is always a tricky proposition, and if a guy delivers a repeat performance, some partners might not be willing to give it another try. Self-pleasuring can help, as guys can learn how to spot the signs of an explosion, and they can learn how to amend their movements to slow things down. This kind of pacing can ensure that the team gets to pleasure at the same time, and that might make the next session much more likely.

5. It Boosts Confidence.
Intimacy is a cardiovascular activity, but it’s also a form of mental exercise. After all, people who want to get busy need to feel as though they’re:

• Attractive
• Strong
• Capable
• Lucky

Self-pleasuring can’t transform a man’s thought patterns, of course, but the release that comes at the end of a bout of touching can boost the production and uptake of key brain chemicals involved in self-confidence and happiness. Men who wank just feel a little better, and that might make them perform a little better as well.

Getting Started
Most men know the basics of self-pleasuring, so there’s no need to provide a step-by-step, how-to manual. But, those who plan to get busy on a regular basis will need to follow a few basic suggestions in order to ensure that they don’t do damage with every stroke they make. Keeping the grip light and using lubrication are two good steps to take. Adding a male organ health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) might also be beneficial. These products can help to soothe skin chafed by friction, and they can help to nourish sensory cells key to a man’s sensation of pleasure. With regular use, this product can make self-pleasuring more pleasant, and a lot less damaging.