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Why Taking A Golf Training System Isn’t Always The Answer – Part 2?

Now, the best and last 2 simple & proven ways to improve your golf on the course. Finding out your “physical and mental limitations” is the first step towards a lifelong better game of golf. Once you find out what is keeping you (which is quite easy) from making that perfect swing, you can set up a game plan to improve it.

It may be a flexibility or a matter of adjustment or changes and even mental issues, or it may be a strength issue. But either way, you have got to find out what it is. Even veteran golfers are not spared from this. Is golf training program really works?

The most common issue (especially for the older golfer) is flexibility. Not being able to rotate your body fully on the backswing (this may even injure your back or spine) , creating that power and torque for maximum clubhead speed.

If your back swing is cut short, you may even LOSE yards on your drives! And I say again; no amount of lessons or hitting balls will make that any better. You have got to do specific golf stretches to improve this limitation.

Now on the other side of these limiting factors is strength, specific to golf. And one of the most common limitations is weak the back of the upper leg. The role of this is critical.

It allows you to maintain your golf posture throughout the swing and for 18 holes. It prevents undo strain on your lower back. And can give you a steady, comfortable position while putting.

If your hamstrings are weak, I can almost say with certainty, you have got some low-back pain or injury. This is prevalent in older golfers and even the younger ones too.

Back pain is the number reason to keep a golfer from playing his or her best. Have you ever walked off the course with your back in pain? I am sure at one time or another you have.

You cannot just enjoy this game of golf, if your hamstring is weak. So, is there a solution for this without injuring your back and up your golf level.

Now do you think hitting more balls or taking more lessons will improve this? I think you know the answer.

If you have a difficult time, “staying in your swing”, it most definitely could be your posture. In order to maintain the forward flex in your upper body (golf posture), your hamstring need to have optimal strength (and flexibility).

If not, your hamstring will send a message to your brain saying, “get out of this position, I cannot hold it any longer”. Do you think his has ever happened to you? Your mind will not obey you and starts to do some movements that you cannot simply control.

So working on the physical side of your game improvement may be the missing link. I can assuredly tell you with this approach, your game WILL improve.

I guess it is doing some stretching exercises before the golf and of course go to a medical professionals to certify that you are fit to “twist and turn” your lowerback. You do not want to injure during the game and even lose to your golf partners, do you?

There is no doubt. Getting your body to move just a little better will make a huge difference in your ability to make an optimal swing for 18 holes. So before you take that next golf lesson, take a look at your BODY first!

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