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Why the Internet is Your Best Friend when Researching Online Business

While joining any online business always has its risks, the Internet is also your best friend concerning the critical research you will need to do; you can find out in seconds information that would have taken months to compile in pre-computer days. Anyone foolish enough to neglect extensive research about a business venture will watch his or her money disappear into the Internet, probably never to return.

If you haven’t done your research, you will be navigating the web with a large tag line that reads: “I am a patsy, please take all my money”.

Consider this scenario. You have been told of a promising business opportunity, and you go to a man’s home to talk to him about possibly investing in his scheme. A sweet old lady answers the door, and she directs you to another door that leads to a basement. There you find a socially challenged computer nerd with mustard stains on his shirt telling you that his business has almost all the investments needed, and if you want to get in on it, pony up ten thousand dollars right now.

OK, let’s review. This guy who lives in the basement of his Mom’s house and doesn’t even know when to change his shirt has just told you he wants you to give him a lot of money. Do you do it?

Of course not. Now, answer this question: How do you know the guy with the “terrific business deal” on the Internet isn’t this guy?

The rip-off artist posing as a businessman who wants your money hazes a distinct advantage over you because you can’t see them. You have no idea of his legitimacy; you don’t even know what he looks like. He can tell you any amount of lies and you won’t know it. He can email you pictures, reports, and certificates regarding his “business” and you won’t know if they’re real.

Other research that is very important is to look these people up on line. Put their name and their business name in your search engine and see what comes up; you may be surprised at what you find. Another way to search is to enter their name and business name and add words such as “con artist”, “cheater”, “criminal investigation”, or “complaints”. If you find any dirt on the “businessman”, take your money and run.

The more research you do on the subject of the business that interests you, the better prepared you are to spot the bogus businessmen. If you are interested in gold coins, for instance, do you know what the word “clad” means? It’s important you do; it means that the coin is not solid gold; it is only gold on the outside. Many very respectable-seeming, flag-waving folks want you to think you’re buying solid gold coins, and hope you don’t know the meaning of “clad”.

So there it is. Learn all you can about the businesses you can, research the people connected with that business, and always be very, very suspicious until you know the facts.

Steve Duval is an internet entrepreneur who is showing others the many ways of making money online today. He teaches simple techniques that anyone can use to earn money online