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Why Use Industrial 4-Wheel Bikes?

Manufacturing companies are constantly looking for different ways to save funds by slashing expenses on a variety of different areas of the industry such as industrialized costs and transit while still making money and growing the company. Going green for many companies is not only an option but also a necessity so what better way to cut costs, while helping the environment simultaneously, then by investing in 4-wheel bicycles.

How can 4-wheel bicycles help industrial companies help the environment while keeping transportation costs down? Transportation vehicles cause harmful emissions to emit in the air but 4-wheel bicycles are powered entirely by the individual operating the 4-wheel bicycle. Workers transporting heavy equipment such as wood, metals, tools, garbage cans, and other equipment can easily operate the 4-wheel bicycle with minimal effort (the 4-wheel bicycle does most of the work). Manufacturing facilities looking to go-green with plant tour vehicles can also use 4-wheel bicycles. 4-wheel bicycles are excellent for maintenance crews that must clean large factor areas. Manufacturing 4-wheel bikes are intended to haul 700lbs. or more.

Many 4-wheel industrial 4-wheel bicycles can be customized to meet the individual needs, and price, of the buyer. Customizable options include steering, seats, tires, wheels, gears, brakes (adding a second brake will allow for quicker stops), cargo carriers (car go basket, cargo box, and ladder rack), and frame color. Many of the 4-wheel bicycles offer an electric motorized option (two 12-volt deep cycle marine grade batteries, 80 AMP).75 amp hour batteries are about 25 miles at 10 mph if not pedaling. Along with manual pedaling, expect just about two times that range. The motor comes with an onboard charger, electronic hand operated throttle, overload protection, and lockable battery box with master controls.

Protection concerns are constantly an apprehension when working with weighty machines in the employment place. With 4-wheel bicycles, safety issues with employees are greatly reduced giving the workers reason to keep their current position. Heavy machinery costs to operate daily and maintain because machines can break down and require replacement and new parts. Companies who use 4-wheel bicycles can work with insurance companies to help lower insurance premiums because of the amount and quality of exercise the workers are receiving using the 4-wheel bicycles.

Making morale higher on the job can furthermore be achieved by utilizing the 4-wheel bikes. Workers who receive exercise and general peace of mind, in turn, work more efficiently causing profit margins to increase.

4-Wheel Bikes are a fun way to go green and get exercise. Industrial 4 wheel bikes can save a company money. Learn more about 4-wheel bikes at Businesses with warehouses and large plants can see all the benefits of Industrial style 4-wheel bikes. The bikes come in 1-seaters, 2-seaters, 4-seaters and industrial flatbed styles.