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Why Using Personalized Pencils Are A Cool Way To Get Writing

With all of the technology available from computers with word processors, text messaging, email and tweeting, kids don’t write things down nearly as much as they used to because the need to write things down just isn’t there. But having good penmanship is still important, not only because there are times things do have to be written down such as filling out forms, taking notes in class or even making out a grocery list. Getting kids interested in improving their penmanship can be a bit of a challenge but using personalized pencils can be an easy way to do it.

Since there are still a lot of situations in school that require handwritten work, having good penmanship is still very important. Teachers will appreciate being able to read handwritten reports and the answers on tests and when the kids get older, they’ll appreciate at least being able to read their own writing. Personalized pencils can serve a dual purpose when trying to encourage kids to practice their handwriting skills.

Having kids get connected with the writing is the first purpose personalized pencils will do. Since the pencils will have their name on them, the child will feel more like using them to practice their writing with. Not only will they enjoy having the notoriety of having personalized pencils but they’ll actually enjoying writing more because they have them.

The next purpose is the carrot and stick approach. Getting them to practice their writing means they’ll be using those pencils. Not only can you offer to buy them more personalized pencils as those are used up, but when they show positive improvement in their handwriting, you can reward them with personalized pens. As a goal to work towards and a reason to improve their penmanship skills, any kid who likes having personalized pencils will definitely love having personalized pens to go with them.

Handwriting may not be quite as important as it used to be before computers came onto the scene. However, there are still lots of reasons kids need to develop good penmanship is still as important as it was back before everything was written down instead of being run through a printer. Not only is it easier to read well penned papers but with excellent penmanship it’s actually enjoyable to read. Having your children investing some time and effort into their handwriting skills by getting them personalized pencils with their school supplies may be the key to bringing out their artistic side as well.

A cool way to get your kids to want to write and will help with penmanship is by getting them personalized pencils. Shopping for back to school supplies can be hectic, but Bianca Bowman knows just where to go to get everything she needs.