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Why WoW Has Server and Realm Community Problems

If you’ve taken part in World of Warcraft for any period of time you are well knowledgeable of the citizenry issues that exist with relation to the very large amount of servers and realms that Blizzard has released. They now have more than 200 servers up and running at this point in time and a good amount of them are labeled as “low” populace and are considered “ghost town” servers. Blizzard has tried several things to solve this headache such as permitting sever character transfers and labeling a cluster of realms as “New Player” servers in hopes of attracting new players into making characters on these servers. Nothing has cured the predicament, though. So why is there a disastrous population problem and what can be done to fix it?

Believe it or not the players of WoW are not to blame for the population issues we currently face. Many human beings seek to reprehend the players for creating new characters on new realms over some years and then either quitting or running off to another server after several months. This is a general argument that needs to be corrected. The players are not to condemn for the population problems, but rather it is Blizzard who is to blame for the mess.

If you browselook back over the history of World of Warcraft and the changes that Blizzard makes to it you will notice a familiar trend occuring. Blizzard is continually seeking to soothe “cry babies.” That is, they are always seeking to give the people what the want, regardless of the gloomy implications it may bring overall. This can be observed in several ways such as the removal of many elite quest mobs across the years. The lowering of the cool down timer on the hearth stone. The setting up of several flight path locations in zones that you once had to walk to. Blizzard has done so much to make the video game easier in an attempt to stop people from crying about things.

We can also see this taking place in relation to the creation of new realms. World of Warcraft has made countless servers all through the past and they usually start with a tiny batch of 3 or 4 servers. These servers are instantly filled with characters and maxed out, generating long queue waits. Players then cry and complain about the queue times and in reaction Blizzard gives in and releases another pack of servers shortly after the first, often times bigger than the first, and many people change to these new servers and spread themselves out. What you are left with is 12 low population servers instead of 3 or 4 full or maxed out servers whose populations will never drop.

A separate thing to make note of is the fact that most of the low populace realms are “PVP” type servers. Blizzard could potentially solve their whole populace issue by merging low populace realms together to create bigger realms. The only issue this brings is the fact that character names would have to be revised, and this could bother a large number of people. Bear in mind, Blizzard does not like to upset people for any reason, and this is why they have not combined these low populace realms after all these years.

As you can tell, it is Blizzard who is to be blamed for the population issues, not the people. Let’s just hope they learn from their mistakes in the future if they desire to solve their population issues and ever want to create new servers for returning or new characters.

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