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Why You Should Always Tip Big

I have always tipped rather hugely no matter where I am and who I am tipping. This includes anyone who is doing a service for me whether it be a fast food worker or the guy carrying my bags at the hotel. I honestly have never even thought twice about big tipping as there are many benefits for me to do so.

First and foremost is because someone is doing something for you that you could be doing for yourself.

For example, when you go to a restaurant and eat there is someone helping you decide what you want, bringing you drinks, making you your food, bringing you your food, and cleaning up after you and your mess. And they are doing this while doing the same thing for other people. If that doesn’t deserve some money I don’t know what does.

Another great reason to tip big is for future service. If you go to a restaurant and you like the restaurant at all then chances are you will attend that restaurant again sometime in the future. If you are a big tipper and a good customer then the staff will most likely remember that and treat you well the next time you come in. This means faster service, better service, and happier service will all be included for you.

I’ve seen girls at coffee shops talking about their drive through customers and tipping habits. If they remember a drive through customer chances are other people will remember you as well.

Many people in the customer service field get treated quite poorly. I’ve been there and I know firsthand. The rude and demanding customers far outweigh the polite and patient ones. And while the rude ones can tend to stick out, the nice ones still out as well and are a relief to see and serve.

And lastly a good reason to tip big is because it’s a good thing to do for your happiness and theirs. I know that people can be stingy when tipping and most people who receive tips count on them as a huge part of their wage. So when you give someone your change you can bet that is not doing a lot for their pocket.

My motto has always been to tip larger than expected and I’ve never gone broke from it. Whether they are surprised, have a better day because of it, or just don’t really care, giving an extra large tip will make you feel happier regardless of how they feel. And feeling happy is worth a tip.

Kari is the owner of Manifest Connection, a self help website dedicated to helping you become the happiest and healthiest person you can be.