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Why You Should Grow A Herb Garden

An increasing number of people in industrial countries seek to establish their own supply of useful herbs to compliment their diets. There are two major reasons for that, –

* the growing recognition and popularity of physiotherapy with its broad possibilities to use herbal extracts for a multitude of medical and cosmetic purposes; and

* certain mistrust towards the producers of the physiotherapeutic products who sometimes use questionable methods of extraction and storage, utilize various additives for commercial reason. In addition, it is hard to guarantee the freshness of the products bought at stores.

So if you are looking to grow a little herbal garden of your own, here are a few essential tips to consider before you begin the growth of your brand new herb garden.

A garden of some useful plants that you will utilize to recharge, revitalize your body, sooth your skin, or treat your neural system, doesn’t take much space to grow. It really can fit literally in a few pots inside or outside of your home. City dwellers may grow such garden on their balconies.

A good beginning of the enterprise would be going to a herbal shop and buying some seeds and possibly fertilizers if needed. Of course, you should know what plants you wish to cultivate exactly, and that would require some preliminary research. Of course, at your disposal is the vast bank of information on the Internet.

You can grow your herbs throughout the year if you want, and if you have the necessary conditions. Otherwise, you may store what you have grown and use it whenever you need. For the latter option, you must learn the storage methods. Choose the time when your herbs are in best condition to address the need that you grow them for. Cut whatever part of the plant you need, – leaves, roots, stems, – and wash them in cold water. Hang the plants to dry, then put them in paper bags, close tightly, and store in a cool dry place.

After the plants are have dried enough, you can remove whatever water they still contain by drying them in the oven. Don’t burn your herbs with high temperature, – just let them dry entirely.

With that done, your herbs are completely ready for storage, and, if kept in a cool, dry and dark place, they’ll be good for months and even for a number of years.

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