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Wills Are About More Than Divisions Of Assets

When people make wills, they sometimes assume that the documents they are drawing up solely appertain to the division of assets they will leave behind in their event of their death. Naturally, this is a primary reason for making wills, as failure to do so results in people dying intestate. What this means in real terms is that they revoke the right to have a say about how their assets are divided after their death and leave the responsibility for doing so in the hands of the authorities. As intestacy can be a complex thing, failure to make a will might not necessarily equate to the division of assets in the way that people might take for granted or would wish.

However, what you might not realize is that will writing is about people, besides property, money and belongings. You might make a will sooner rather than later if you have youngsters who are not yet of suitable ages to live alone and fend for themselves. You can specify who you would like to take guardianship of them when you make a will, should you die before they reach adulthood. In many cases, people going through the will writing process appoint close family members. Others choose their closest friends, who might live nearby and share similar values and lifestyles.

Just as is the case with your assets, if you do not make a will, you do not have a voice. That is what wills are for. Should you die unexpectedly whilst your children are still young, it is left to the authorities to decide their futures on your behalf. Forearmed with such knowledge, you might also choose to name substitute guardians when you make a will, in order to cover all eventualities in case of significant circumstantial changes in the meantime.

Whilst will writing, you might also find it prudent to set up trusts for your children who have not yet come of age. Trusts assure your young children will receive the relevant proportions of your assets when they become adults. You also have the option of adding provisos when you make a will. These are like terms and conditions that appertain to how your children should access and use what they inherit from you.

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