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With Eleven Plus Papers, You Can Know For Sure Where Your Child Stands With Their Skills In Every Set Of Studies

The Open School offers free 11 plus papers for children 11 and older to help them and their parents know what their strengths and weaknesses are in school. For the free paper, the exam is marked right away with all incorrect answers addressed with feedback and explanations for each answer. We currently offer 100 onlinetuition papers, with an extensive database of information aimed at children 11 and older to help them in their entrance exams to enhance their abilities. Each one of the papers offers different skill sets, with the first 10 containing practice papers for English, math and reasoning skills, both verbal and nonverbal. This will help children to become more successful in their entrance exams with better preparation for them.

A private tutor, who works as a professional tutor fulltime, writes the 11 plus papers. Each of the ten sets of 11 plus papers are available to be bought in groups of ten at a time, or you can purchase the entire set all at once. Each set of papers has over 200 questions that have been organized into papers. These are learning exercises that will help your child with the necessary tools to gain entrance into grammar, comprehensive and private schools. Unlike any other 11 plus papers, ours are scored right away online and the information is given back to you immediately.

The tutor, Sue Hartill, the writer of the 11 plus practice papers, was a schoolteacher for several years before she became a private tutor in Birmingham. For the last 15 years, she has been tutoring children and has created a body of work that is structured specifically for children preparing for the eleven plus. We created this web site as a way to easily access the exercises and the papers that Sue has developed in an easy to use online capacity and at a price everyone can afford. Along with Sue’s interactive teaching on the online courses, the feedback that she provides and the advice she gives are put into 10 different curriculums to help children with the preparation of the 11 plus exams. Online teaching has extensive possibilities, as it allows not only for tuition to be more affordable for more families, it also opens the door to teaching our children how to use the internet in a positive manner.

The ten different modules in the eleven plus papers is made up of over 800 vocabulary questions, 200 spelling questions and 150 nonverbal reasoning questions. The courses also include 400 math questions and 20 different comprehensions with about 150 questions for those as well. The Open School is also pleased to provide children with a writing workshop that will help if your children are required to write a story as part of the exam for entrance. It is a 25-page booklet on how to write a story, and is available at a very reasonable price. With the Open School online practice exams, your children are sure to be best prepared to take any entrance exam and fly through with ease and ability.

Visit us at onlinetuition for more information on 11 plus papers.