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Womens Health Questions About Womens Health Problems

Answers to womens health questions on womens health problems can help a woman better understand her health and how to improve it. Today, a woman must both attend to her career while taking care of family responsibilities. Before and after work, she is likely involved in meal preparation, seeing to the family’s needs along with doing the non-stop stream of household chores. It is easy to understand how women can become nearly exhausted and begin asking womens health questions and looking for answers.

And to make matters worse, there is so much health information available that is at the same time confusing and conflicting. Who to believe? Who is trying to sell me what? Even doctors are often promoting this and that product as the latest greatest solution to various maladies and womens health problems. Perhaps you find yourself asking questions such as these:

Womens Health Questions #1 – Are Bioidentical Hormones Different from Synthetic Drugs?

Yes, bioidentical hormones are very different from the synthetic drugs. The term “bioidentical” means that the hormone is exactly the same as what the body naturally makes. The body will treat a bioidentical hormone as if the body produced it naturally. When used in dosages similar to the body’s normal production, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can provide health benefits without the side effects associated with non-natural or synthetic drugs. Synthetic hormones are not natural to the body – they are different from natural hormones so they can be patented and marketed by the drug companies.

Womens Health Questions #2 – Are There Really Any Best Vitamins for Women?

Absolutely! We all have what is referred to as dietary gaps, meaning, it is difficult to consume the necessary foods that provide needed nutrients every day. Who regularly eats the recommended 5-9 servings of vegetables and fruits each day? It is difficult for anyone to do and besides, the nutrient values found in foods today are lower than decades ago. Taking a high-quality, broad spectrum, anti-aging daily nutritional supplement formulated specifically for women helps fill in the dietary gaps that we all have.

Womens Health Questions #3 – Why Should I Be Using Natural Cleaning Products?

For sure! Since 1945, more than 80,000 synthetic chemicals have been invented, the majority derived from a petroleum base. When using home cleaning products that you pour out of a container, you receive exposure either through your skin or from the fumes that you breathe. And what is even much worse is when you spray the petroleum-based toxic cleaners into the air, doing so means you will be breathing the airborne chemical particles directly into your lungs which will contribute to various womens health problems! Natural cleaning products are easily available that are priced competitively and reduce exposure to the harsh chemicals found in regular household cleaners and sprays.

Womens Health Questions #4 – Why Do Uterine Fibroids Develop in Women?

Uterine fibroids are known as muscle tumors and in most cases are non-cancerous. They are a very common growth in the female genital tract. Fibroid growths afflict as many as 80% of American women in their 30’s to 50’s. One in four women will have complaints serious enough to seek medical treatment! The true causes of fibroids remain unknown, however, there are several factors that do seem to affect fibroid growths in women.

Womens Health Questions #5 – Where Can I Find Answers to More Questions About Health?

Online! Understand what are normal changes in the reproductive cycle and health and what changes and symptoms indicate hormonal imbalances brought on by poor nutrition, excessive stress and other lifestyle factors. Learn as much as you can about your health, the reasons for the womens health problems you may have and options available to you.

If you feel your health is not what it once was and want answers to your specific womens health questions, begin by understanding what is healthy and normal and what is not. How you feel and perform every day is an issue that is too important to leave unattended any longer.

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