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Working From A Home Office

Copyright (c) 2011 Derek Gray

We are entering a completely new world when it comes to working from home. Many companies do not want to pay for office space so everyone who works for them, works from home. Sometimes companies will have a small office where only certain people work from headquarters, and the rest work at home. The point is, a lot more people are working from home then ten years ago.

Working from home has so many advantages. You will not need to spend the money on gas and repairs for your car to get to work. You won’t need to fight the traffic everyday. You don’t need to spend money on a work wardrobe either. So even if you got a job working from home for $7 an hour. It would be like making $10 an hour working 30 minutes away.

There are some people out there that can’t work from home. They need to go somewhere to feel motivated to work. In order to work from home you need to be very self-motivated. Most places require you to work during certain hours. You need to stick to those hours daily.

Legit work at home companies will not require you to spend any money. You will work as either an employee or independent contractor. The good thing about the regular employee is they take taxes out, and pay half of your Medicare and Social Security deductions, just like a job that you have to leave your house for.

An independent contractor means that you’re basically working for yourself. You will probably be required to work between certain hours but you can choose them. I only know of a couple places where you can work at anytime on any day for any length. You’ll take care of your own taxes. I am not a tax expert, but you may be able to write certain stuff off like electric bill, phone bill, internet bill, etc.

Companies that hire employees usually offer benefits like health insurance, paid time off, holiday pay, etc. Employees usually get paid hourly as well.

When you are an independent contractor you do not get benefits and you are usually paid per job or commission based. However, independent contractors are usually paid more; because when you make money, the company makes money so they aren’t going to lose anything by paying you a bigger cut.

Working from home is the thing to do, if you can. It will save you so much money. There are of course the types of work that can’t be done from home. If your line of work does offer work at home opportunities and if you are self motivated then this may be the type of work for you.

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