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Workout Mistakes And Ways To Avoid Them

Making mistakes is a part of being human and unfortunately, getting in shape at the gym is no exception to this rule. The problem with learning through trial and error is that you can impede your own progress or sustain serious injuries that way. If you can identify potential problem areas ahead of time however, you can circumvent many of the issues that plague some exercisers and enjoy the full benefits of regularly going to the gym. Here are a few mistakes commonly made while training and some solutions you can help you avoid them.

##1. Lifting weight that’s too heavy

Although the benefits of lifting are well-documented, lifting too much can harm your muscles rather than help them. By making sure that you are lifting the appropriate amount of weights, you can save yourself a lot of trouble. Generally speaking, if you find that you are not using correct form when you lift then it is time to think about reducing the weights. It is always best to start slowly and increase your weight as you gain experience.

##2. Jerking when you lift

If you are jerking as you lift, the odds are high that your muscles are also moving in the same direction. This puts you at risk for injuries and prevents you from making the most of your gym membership. To avoid the consequences of this mistake, make sure that you lift slowly and stay in control throughout. Those who are having problems lifting correctly may want to consider using a lighter weight.

##3. Failing to stretch after exercise

Failing to stretch after working out can not only make you unnecessarily sore, but can also result in injury. Once your workout has concluded, stretch right after because that is when your muscles are at their most flexible. The key is to stretch all the muscle groups that were exercised during your workout.

##4. Failing to warm up

Going straight into the intense part of your workout is a risky thing to do. Make sure that you have spent at least 5-10 minutes warming up before you begin exercising.

##5. Having sports drinks and energy bars prior to light or moderate exercise

Those who are only doing medium or low intensity workouts may be taking in more calories than they are able to burn. Sports drinks do have their uses, but they are best left to those who are doing intense exercise.

Other common slip-ups include not finding balance in your training, putting too much weight on the machine, and not drinking enough water. One thing you will notice is that the mistakes listed here can cost exercisers in more ways than one. If you stay away from these frequently made errors you will get more out of your workout.

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