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Worship Places in Delhi- Comprehensive the Customs of All Religion.

Hindu religion is the mostly followed in India. About 60% of the population in Delhi is following Hindu religion. Due to this mass population the worship places in Delhi have also grown up rapidly in the past. People from different region of India who are following the Hindu religion are willing to build Hindu region to offer prayer and do Hindu rituals in them. The Delhi is the main hub of India in terms of all the political and economical deals. People involved in these deal are settled here and they want their worship place nearby their region which lead to the growth of temple in Delhi.

Temple in Delhi is seen in each and every corner of the city as the follower has now spread out throughout the city. In the past centuries after the declination of Mughal rule and rising of the British Empire, people visit Delhi and settle in it. After the independence the population boom raised the number of Hindu in Delhi which directly increased by the worship place in Delhi. The high number of temples in present Delhi symbolizes the large number of people who are following Hindu religion living in Delhi.

The people from other parts of the country also came in Delhi for building the temple as a large number of tourists came to visit Delhi every year. The Delhi tours organized by many hotels and Delhi tourism are also having tours which are mainly concerned to temple in Delhi. The temples are one of the main attractive places for foreign tourist as they like to know more about the Hindu religion. Out of the many temples of Delhi, the most popular are the Iskon temple, Akshardham Temple and Baha’i temple. The Iskon temple is having a great binding with the people of India but from the foreign tourist too. The foreign tourists live in the temple and get knowledge about Hindu rituals. The Akshardham Temple is built on a very large scale of about 100acres on the bank of Yamuna River. The temple is opened for all the people of society for throughout the year. The other temple which is Baha’i temple is also known as Lotus temple. It is related to the Baha’i community which maintains and takes care of this temple.

The Delhi tours to these major religious places are small tour as they are situated near to one another. Although there are other temples which are located in Mehrauli region of Delhi and are visited by the people who are on Tour Delhi. The temples in Mehrauli region are been made by the resources which are available in this part of Delhi. The region is near to the Rajasthan state and hence most of the architecture work is done by the stone coming from the state of Rajasthan. The worship place in Delhi is used for prayers, rituals and customs related to Hindu religion. People for all parts of India come to these temples and pay their tribute towards the almighty.

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