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Would You Rather Take Action, Or Be Acted Upon?

Our initiative determines the outcomes of certain situations and our success. Two people facing the same situation, each with a different level of initiative, will generate results of a completely different nature. One individual, who is determined to rise above the situation, will take action and will find him or herself with a positive result. The other person, who resigns themselves to the conditions they currently find themselves, will at best stay in the same place. But why or how can this be?

Every day we have life on this earth, we experience internal and external forces. Some may be good as we are exposed to happy, positive people – we may also encounter the individual who is spouting negativity as he feels as if everything and everyone is out to knock him down. Our belief system may be one of self-confidence and trust in our abilities – another person may have beliefs that he is worthless and without value to himself or to others. We may experience happy events as the birth of a child – one person may see opportunities to assist in this new person’s life, another may interpret the event as one more mouth to feed. Bad things may happen in our life and we can view it as a test or challenge to overcome, we can remain thankful for what we have, and stay positive in light of the adversity. Others may view the same event as just more of the same and say, “Why should I even try”?

Our ability to be proactive will determine which side of the coin we are on. By proactive I mean our ability to see things as they are, to maintain a positive belief system, and to work or respond individually or with others. The responsibility to act falls directly upon each individual; there is no one else. For those who take action, they can impact growth and opportunity consequences on their way to success. For those who choose to not take action will be impacted by that same set of consequences but with a completely different result –their overall success will be impacted in a negative way.

We don’t have to be at the mercy of our environment. Individually or collectively we can search for our creativity and our resourcefulness and make an impact on our surroundings. We can make and impact our own success.

The language we use is an indicator if we are reactive or proactive in dealing with situations. As an example, “there is nothing I can do” is a reactive statement; “let’s look at our alternatives” is a proactive statement. More often than not our language becomes self-fulfilling. If you heard one of those statements, you could easily identify the person who will take action and work to improve the situation he is facing.

Our internal beliefs and how we think also indicate if we are a reactive or proactive person. Proverbs 23:7 reads “As a man thinketh, so is he”. Just as with our words, how we think is also self-fulfilling.

Our approach to a situation ultimately determines if we will take action and work to improve that situation, or just sit back and let that situation dictate events to us. For us to have any type of positive result, we must take action. If we defer until later, or chose to not take action, the consequences will be dictated to us. Our life circumstances and our success are determined by our ability to be proactive, show initiative and to take action.

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