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Wristband Applications using Zebra Technologies HC100

Copyright (c) 2010 Carl Shackelford

A ID printer that is affordable, easy to use, and has a mired of application possibilities for tracking people. The new HC100 from Zebra Technologies fits the mold for Hospital Admittance and POC-Point of Care, Events, Detainees, and Emergency Evacuations. These applications are only a few, but some of the most important needs we have for this printer.

Hospital Admission has long been a mixture of applications from laser fed sheets to large specialized printers. This material used in some of these systems for one is inferior to ZBAND Zebra Wristband labels. Hand sanitizers can render many wristbands unreadable, but not on the ZBAND. The anti-microbial properties (only available on the Zebra ZBAND) are also a big selling feature with any Zebra Wristband printer or label. The printer is the real beauty though, with cartridge fed labels with different color strips to ID patient issues. A quick picture of the patient and barcode on the label will insure who the patient is, and what their needs are throughout the POC process from medication to treatments.

Special events and Conventions have many applications where a lanyard and ID badge are really not desired, and a barcoded wristband is preferred. The wristband is much less intrusive on the comfort of the attendee, and is much easier to scan for the person at the show. Even shows that where the ID wristbands are not used to rescan, can be utilize for security and even ID. The age or access level of the attndee can be indicated by the color of the wristband code.

Detainees or Illegal Aliens are who were intended to be spoken of here. This application was done successfully with wristbands, and used property tag labels with barcodes to identify a box of belongings upon return to their country or base. Likewise in low security prisons, wristbands have been used on inmates for certain activities. These wristband labels will not stick but once, and can have a picture for ID purposes.

Emergency evacuations are ideal also for these. Using a PC or Handheld computer and software, this printer can print a barcode that is tied to a persons personal information. From here it can be utilized to track the evacuee’s movements by scanning the wristband and then the bus, bed, location, facility, or holding area.

These are only four of the many applications that can be accomplished with Zebra Technologies HC100 Wristband printer. At a very cheap price, this printer can be utilized in many areas where a person needs to be tracked or admitted. Call or email us, if we can give you any more information on this printer.

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